About Canada.ca

The Government of Canada is making it easier for Canadians to find and access government information online through its new website, Canada.ca. The launch marks the beginning of a transformation to modernize the website and improve Canadians' online experience.

Canada.ca is the new Government of Canada website and it will deliver continuous improvements over the next four years. We need your feedback about this website. This will help us improve the site over time and make it what Canadians need.

The new Canada.ca
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Why change?

The Government of Canada is transforming its website to better serve Canadians by taking advantage of new technology and making it easier for the public to search and find information online using any device.

Over a period of four years, approximately 1,500 individual websites representing over 100 federal departments and agencies will be merged into Canada.ca where information is organized by themes that are most in demand. Canada.ca will become the single site for the Government of Canada.

The streamlined approach to web is in line with international best practices and is consistent with how other governments are managing their online presence.

Timeline of the transition of Canada.ca from 1,500 to one website by 2016, initiated by the launch of a renewed Canada.ca site in December 2013:

What can you expect?

Canadians will benefit from a more user-friendly site that reflects the Government's commitment to providing the best information and value to its citizens.

Going forward, the public can be assured that the highest standards are being applied to the management and procurement of web services and that security of information remains a top priority.

Canada.ca demonstrates the Government's commitment to improving access to information online.

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