Anti-terrorism Act, 2015

The world is a dangerous place and Canada is not immune to the threat of terrorism. Terrorist attacks on our own soil demonstrate that our law enforcement and national security agencies require more tools to keep pace with evolving threats, and to better protect Canadians here at home.

In line with measures taken by our allies, our Government is implementing legislation that is helping our law enforcement and national security agencies stop those who promote the commission of terrorism offences in general, such as calling for attacks on Canadians.

The Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 received Royal assent on June 18, 2015. Through this legislation, our Government is taking action to prevent terrorist travel, thwart efforts to use Canada as a recruiting ground, and prevent planned attacks on our soil.

Stopping the promotion of terrorism

By criminalizing the promotion of the commission of terrorism offences in general, the Government is providing an additional tool for law enforcement to counter radicalization, and to assist community leaders and family members in their efforts to counter radicalization.

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Preventing terrorists from recruiting others

The Government of Canada is providing the courts with the authority to order the takedown of terrorist propaganda - to interfere with terrorists' efforts to radicalize and recruit others - the same types of authorities that currently exist for harmful materials such as child pornography and hate propaganda. Our Government is also enabling the sharing of information related to national security, across federal departments and agencies, to ensure that authorities can better identify those with terrorist links and intentions. This will also stop them from travelling by air for terrorism purposes.

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Disrupting terrorist plots and preventing planned attacks

The Government of Canada is making it easier for police to detain suspected terrorists before they can harm Canadians, assisting national security agencies in preventing non-citizens who pose a threat from entering and remaining in Canada, and giving the Canadian Security Intelligence Service the ability to intervene against specific terrorist plots.

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