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Communications Awards of Excellence - Government of Canada’s / 2021


How can I nominate my department for a GCWCC award?

Deputy Heads are invited to nominate their campaign teams. Campaign leads can also self-nominate with endorsement by their Deputy Head. In addition, teams and individuals can self-nominate their teams, or an individual, to receive special recognition (receipt of a certificate and the story shared on social media).

This year’s Chair’s Cup Award categories are

  • Chair’s Cup Award - Large Organizations (departments and agencies - 750 employees or more)
  • Chair’s Cup Award - Small Organizations (smaller departments - 749 employees and less)
  • Chair’s Regional Cup Award (for campaigns led outside the National Capital Region)
  • Chair’s Youth Cup Award (*new this year!)  

What is the Chair’s Youth Cup?

New for the 2022 campaign! Young professionals bring creative thinking and a fresh vision to the GCWCC and are attuned to emerging challenges and opportunities for the campaign and the public service. This year, a new Chair’s Youth Cup Award will be open for nominations to be awarded to a volunteer or group of young professionals who made an exceptional contribution to the campaign. This award is open to departmental and regional campaigns.

How will winners be selected for the Chair’s Cup Award?

A committee comprised of the National Chair’s Office and National Office, with input from the respective local manager, will evaluate all submissions and select the winning nominations. Members of the 2022 GCWCC Cabinet will endorse the selections made by the Nominations Committee for each of the Chair’s Cup award categories.

What are the selection criteria?

The GCWCC Chair Cup Awards recognize the excellence and achievements of a department’s, agency’s or Crown Corporation’s campaign efforts to support local communities and help to improve the lives of Canadians. They celebrate the successful engagement of employees and the use of innovative and creative strategies to motivate and involve employees around the GCWCC and its objectives. Please see About the awards for specific selection criteria for each award.

Can local managers (United Way) nominate departments for an award?

No. Awards are based on self-nominations. Local managers can endorse campaign submissions. Please contact your local manager for further information.

How will winners be notified?

Winners will be notified in late January/early February via email if they are selected for a Chair’s Cup Award.

Will there be an award ceremony this year?

Yes. We will host a hybrid award ceremony on February 14, 2023. Visit the GCWCC website for more information about the event. 

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