Don’t Drive High

Your life can change in an instant. Don't drive high. #dontdrivehigh

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Drug-impaired driving is dangerous

There's a lot going on around you when you drive. You need to be totally focused so that if a split-second – and potentially life-saving – decision needs to be made, you're ready for it.

Drugs affect your ability to react and increase the chance of a crash. Don't get behind the wheel or get in a car with an impaired driver — it's just not worth the risk.

   Watch videos on why you shouldn't drive high



Video length: 30 seconds.

(Bubbling sound and upbeat music)

(Smoke fills the screen.)

(Wide yellow eyes on black background appear. They blink.)

(A laptop screen with a hamburger ad appears. A person places a bong on the right side of the table. A tin with a cannabis leaf on it is on the left of the laptop.)

(Person picks up car keys from the table.)

(Jangling of keys)

(Person looks at the keys in their hands.)

(Person looks back at the hamburger ad on the laptop screen. The hamburger is now animated and looks alluring as it flexes its biceps.)

(Distorted music)

(Person holds the keys up to eye level.)

(Hamburger on the laptop screen now wears a top hat, twirls a baton and winks.)

(Zoom out to the person holding the keys at eye level, eyes closed, with three hamburgers floating around their head. A yellow, smoking, bong is in the foreground.)

(Person opens their eyes and blinks for clarity. They lean in close to the laptop screen.)

(The hamburger dances with other fast foods: a salt shaker, french fries and a soda cup.)

(Distorted music)

(An image of a car crash pops up on the laptop, over the video of the hamburger.)

(Sound of video game defeat)

(Close up to wide yellow worried eyes. They blink at the beat of the sounds.)

(Person holds a phone in their hands.)

(Tapping sounds)

(Thumbs tap on the phone. Hamburger, soda cup and french fry icons appear on the screen above the word "DELIVERY".)

(Person presses the cart button on the device with their index finger. Check mark appears.)

(Confirmation sound)

(Upbeat music)

(Zoom out to the person sitting on a couch with their laptop and bong on the table in front of them.)

(Person places their phone on the table. They cross their legs comfortably and put their feet up on the table, with their hands behind their head.)


A message from the government of Canada.

(Canada wordmark)

In an instant


Video length: 30 seconds.


(A woman livestreams herself smiling and waving on her cell phone)

(TEXT ON PHONE: Your're live We're inviting your followers to your live video now!)

(TEXT ON PHONE: Olivier joined your live video.)

(A phone records three young adults standing together smoking marijuana. The video is captioned with smoke, tree and eye rolling emojis.)

(The phone records one of the men getting into the driver's seat, visibly impaired.)

(Sound of car starting)

(The phone films two passengers in the back seat, laughing and dancing.)

(TEXT ON SCREEN: Almost there! Chloe's party)

(The woman in the passenger seat takes selfies using different filters on her face.)

(The phone records the man in the driver's seat. He appears to be tired. The video is captioned with smoke and face palm emojis.)

(The passenger looks at the driver, concerned, then continues taking selfies.)

(Horn honks)

(Headlights shine into the car. The woman in the passenger seat looks surprised)

(The passenger's eye is shown close up. Her pupil contracts.)

(Crashing sound)

(The window explodes beside the two backseat passengers and driver. The car spins out of control.)

Your life can change in an instant.

Don't drive high.

(A phone with a selfie of the passenger onscreen is on the pavement, covered in glass.)

A message from the government of Canada.

(Canada wordmark)

(TEXT ON SCREEN: #dontdrivehigh)

Eye opener


Video length: 30 seconds.


(Close-up of hands flicking on a lighter and lighting a joint.)

(Sound of coughing)

(Hands fumble to get keys into a car's ignition.)

(Sound of car starting)

(A woman takes a selfie of her and her boyfriend, who is driving the car.)

(The man's eyes blink tiredly in the rear-view mirror.)

(A flash of light, then the car crashes and the window shatters.)

(Ringing sound)

(Heartbeat sound)

(A bright light shines into the car. It is a police officer holding a flashlight, looking into the vehicle.)

(The woman in the passenger seat is slouched over.)

(Video flickers and blurs.)

(Quick shots of the man being put into the back of an ambulance.)

(The man is wheeled into a hospital. His mother runs to the gurney, crying.)

(The man is in a hospital room. He sees the police officer in the doorway and a doctor reviewing a medical chart beside his bed. He turns his head and looks over to his girlfriend.)

(A nurse and paramedic are attempting to resuscitate the woman.)

(Sound of girlfriend flatlining)

Your life can change in an instant.

(TEXT ON SCREEN: #DontDriveHigh)

Don't drive high.

(Close-up of the woman. Her face is bruised. The paramedic is performing CPR.)

A message from the government of Canada.

(Canada wordmark)

It is illegal to drive impaired

Drug-impaired driving can put you, your passengers and anyone sharing the road with you in danger — and for that reason, it's a serious criminal offense that can result in heavy fines and jail time. Don't risk a criminal record. Understand the legal consequences of driving high and do your part to plan ahead so you can get home safely.

Driving impaired is illegal. Learn about the types, risks, laws and enforcement.

6 reasons not to drive high

  1. You could hurt or kill someone you care about
  2. You could get in a crash, hurt yourself or die
  3. You could hurt or kill an innocent stranger
  4. You could get arrested and face trial
  5. You could get your license suspended
  6. You could get a criminal record

Impaired driving is 100% preventable!

What you can do

Plan to get home safely

You have options:

Have a designated driver

Call a friend or loved one

Call a cab or ride-share

Take public transit

Get help with drug abuse

Are you or someone you care about struggling with problematic substance use? Here are some resources to help you find the assistance you need in your area.

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