Step 3: Develop a dialogue plan for your Canadian federal electoral reform event

In advance of your dialogue, review and confirm your Canadian federal electoral reform dialogue plan. A successful dialogue will offer participants avariety of ways to contribute. Recognizing that when a group of people come together you will have many different personalities and learning types in the room, you may want to include activities in your agenda that meet a variety of needs. Think about creativeways to make your dialogue engaging, interactive and dynamic.

In developing your dialogue plan, you should:

  1. Identify realistic expectations about how many dialogue questions you can cover given the length of your event. Check out a sample event agenda and facilitator guide that you can use or adapt to your needs.
  2. Determine how much time you will need to welcome participants, review any housekeeping items, provide background info, etc.Check out this sample event Powerpoint presentation that you can adapt for your own use.
  3. Consider how you might make your event as inclusive and accessible as possible.
  4. Choose the type of dialogue model you want to use and how people will participate. Think about using different dialogue formats that will help all participants have an opportunity to engage in the dialogue.
  5. Think about including activities in the agenda that will increase interactivity and engagement.
  6. Make a list of any supplies you will need (see sample supply checklist).
  7. Plan how you will capture the results of your dialogue. Will you take notes throughout the event? Will you have participants write down their answers themselves? Will you do are cap after the event? Can you document the event using photo, video or other creative means?
  8. Think about how you might use digital tools and technologies to extend the impact of your event.

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