Conserve, Restore and Connect with Nature

Find out how you can play a role in ensuring Canada's ecosystems are part of healthy, connected, and sustainably managed natural landscapes and seascapes. You can also find details about how the $252 million investment in the National Conservation Plan is conserving and restoring Canada's natural environment for present and future generations.

Conserving Canada's lands and waters

The National Conservation Plan will conserve Canada's natural heritage by safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity and ecosystems through conservation and stewardship actions, including on working landscapes and seascapes. The Plan will support the creation and enjoyment of protected areas and green spaces, including in and around communities.

Restoring Canada's ecosystems

The National Conservation Plan will support the restoration of degraded ecosystems, which, once restored, provide habitat for wildlife and clean water, and are essential for the protection and recovery of species at risk.

Connecting Canadians to nature

The National Conservation Plan will leverage existing successful initiatives to help foster an appreciation for nature and to build a “community of stewards” among Canadians of all ages.

Stay connected

Find the latest information about the National Conservation Plan, including announcements, Frequently Asked Questions and links to our social media channels.


Read some of our recent publications to learn more about projects included as part of the National Conservation Plan.

Acts, regulations, and policies

Find out about the Acts, regulations, and policies relating to nature, conservation and water.


10 Great Places to Connect with Nature


Ten National Wildlife Areas are getting public access facelifts, so that more people can spend a day witnessing the wildlife.

Conserving migratory birds


Canadian Wildlife Service completes bird conservation strategies across Canada.

Marine protected areas


Marine protected areas are among the many integrated ocean management tools that contribute to the improved health, integrity and productivity of our marine ecosystems. As part of Canada’s network of marine protected areas, these areas are established following a systematic and collaborative approach.

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