Beaver activity pack – Canada Day 2020

A Continent to Explore

Discover the nature around you with these activities inspired by "Sous la feuille", a play by Ariane Voineau and Josué Beaucage. Create your own herbarium, pay special attention to the noise of the animals and plants surrounding you and be ready to do some at-home camping!

Creator: NAC French Theatre

Build A Canada Day Time Capsule

Show future generations what life in Canada is like today by creating your own time capsule. Follow conservator Emily’s instructions to make a durable case filled with objects that tell a little bit about you. Then hide the capsule, and make a map so it can be found!

Creator: Canadian Museum of History

Canadian Symbols Scavenger Hunt

From the maple tree to the red-and-white flag, Canada is represented by many symbols. How well do you know your Canadian symbols? Test your knowledge with this interactive game that will have you hunting around your home and in your backyard!

Creator: Canadian Heritage

Chalk Paint a Provincial or Territorial Flower

Flowers and plants are part of the Canadian identity; our flag has a maple leaf and our national flower is the bunchberry. Did you know that each province and territory also has its own flower? Make your own chalk paint, then draw your own floral masterpiece inspired by these flowers.

Creator: Canadian Museum of Nature

Framing Nature

Mark the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven’s first exhibition by going outside and getting creative. Grab your camera and join us as we adapt lessons learned from their paintings to help you see your world through a new lens.

Creator: National Gallery of Canada

Learn to Set Up A Tent

Have fun camping in your own backyard! Learn everything you need to know about tents and watch a video about how to set one up.

Creator: Parks Canada


The ParaTough Training Series is the first workout series led entirely by Canadian Paralympians. Experience firsthand the intense and gruelling training done by some of Canada's toughest Para athletes. The series features 14 athletes and 5 challenging workouts that they do regularly in order to compete at the elite level. Follow along and try to keep up. Are you #ParaTough?

Creator: Canadian Paralympic Committee

Parka's Photo Missions App

Join Parka and Chirp in an at-home scavenger hunt. Download the Photo Missions app and explore around your home. When you’ve completed your mission, a virtual reward will appear. Good luck!

Creator: Parks Canada

Train Like Team Canada

See how our athletes are staying ready while physical distancing. Learn how you can train like an Olympian from home!

Creator: Canadian Olympic Committee

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