Canada Day Yours to Discover Colouring Booklet

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Happy Canada Day Kind and Creative Canadians!

Welcome to the Yours to Discover Colouring and Activity Book, inspired by a creative and social impact collaboration between Digital Artisan, EEPMON and Kind Village, a Canadian female-led social impact technology firm.

The artwork and activities come from a special project that we worked on for Ingenium. We spent over a year in three museum vaults and interviewed staff and community members to learn about what inspires them and the issues they care most about. The mural and accompanying online experience we created provide a rich visual narrative for you to explore the intersections of human innovation and ingenuity driven by the curiosity to advance science, technology, and social impact – past, present, and future.

Art is a wonderful means to inspire and create social impact, innovation, and community engagement. Now more than ever we need to work together to make a difference and build innovative solutions to support our neighbours and communities. We hope our activity book inspires you to build your future. Please share your stories and impact ideas with us on social media using the hashtags #MakeAnImpact and #BuildTheFuture.

If you happen to visit Ottawa, do check out the Canada Science and Technology Museum to see the full 100x20 foot artwork in real life! Also, you can visit the interactive mural online.

Eric Chan

Eric Chan a.k.a EEPMON
Digital Artisan

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Tanya Woods

Tanya Woods
Chief Impact Officer

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Fun fact

This mural was inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – in fact it may very well be the first permanent artwork inspired by the Goals in the worlds!! Yeah Canada!

Mural part 1 - description

Image of a monkey, a lighthouse and a rainbow heart with surrounding motifs, including:

  • Flag symbol of Canada
  • image of a rainbow heart
Mural part 2 - description

Image of a monkey giving a high-five to a rainbow heart with surrounding patterns, including:

Mural part 3 - description

Image of a monkey in space surrounded by planes and space related objects, including:

Mural part 4 - description

Image of a scientific monkey and a cow carried by a UFO, including:

Did you know

Did you know that a Canadian named Willard S. Boyle invented a small sensor called a charged-coupled device (CCD) in 1969 that makes digital photography possible today?

The (CCD) was used to build the first digital camera and it can found in almost all areas of photography, including medical and scientific applications. Digital photography helps us understand each other and share stories that need no words. Sometimes stories teach us something new, sometimes they warm our hearts.

Share Your Story!

Colour the frame and cut out the middle so you can frame the story you want to share on social media. You can share your view of Canada Day, share a message of kindness, and even share how you are helping to make a positive impact. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MakeAnImpact.

Learn more about the impact of the CCD and other incredible impact innovations by visiting the online mural.


Frame - description

Image of a square frame with a large oval shape in the middle of the square that can be cut out. Four icons are in each corner of the square frame: a red maple leaf is shown in the upper left corner, a rainbow heart is shown in the upper right corner, the face of a brown monkey is shown in the bottom left corner and the face of a yellow duck is shown in the bottom right corner.

We hope you enjoy exploring the incredible Canadian innovation stories in our mural. Don’t forget to come and visit the mural online and explore Canadian innovation that has made positive impacts on the world. While you are there, uncover our secret coded message hidden in the coloured triangles, and learn ways that you can help build a better world today.

Image of the current mural at the Canada Science and Technology Museum with text 'Yours to discover, 100 by 20 foot'

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