O Canada activity pack – Canada Day 2020

Canada Flag Fruit Popsicles

These cold treats are made with vanilla yogurt mixed with a dash of honey, nestled in between 2 ends of red raspberry puree. Oh Canada!

Creator: Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Canadiana Sweet Treats

Did you know that without the cold we would not have maple syrup or apples? After the winter, many fruit trees need to go through a “chilling period” for buds to turn into flowers or leaves. Celebrate the cold with 2 simple and fun recipes inspired by Nature’s best sweets!

Creator: Canadian Museum of Nature

David Saint-Jacques' Space Chili Recipe

Feel like spicing up Canada Day this year? During his mission onboard the Space Station, David Saint-Jacques enjoyed this space chili inspired by his wife’s recipe. See how you can cook it yourself!

Creator: Canadian Space Agency

Make Your Own Bannock

Bannock is a traditional food for Métis. When many Métis people still lived off the land, bannock provided the essential energy their bodies needed, especially during times of hunting and gathering or during the months when the food supply was limited. We invite you to try this traditional recipe, as a way to bring new flavours into your home. Find it on page 54 of the Métis Cookbook and Guide to Healthy Living!

Creator: Métis National Council

Maritimes Blueberry Cobbler

Try your hand at this cobbler recipe, a traditional maritime dessert that features wild blueberries grown in the Atlantic provinces.

Creator: Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Strawberry Shortcake

Bake a red and white cake that is popular throughout the country! The star of this recipe is Ontario strawberries which are grown locally, with their peak season between June and July.

Creator: Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Super Cool Burger

Do you like really biiiiiig burgers? Ricardo made a video to show you how to make one of his favourite summertime recipes. A super burger with chips and squeaky cheese curds. Wow!

Creator: RICARDO

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