Peace Tower activity pack – Canada Day 2020

Build Your Own 2D Paper Aircraft

Have fun creating your own Canada Day flypass with 2 of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s iconic aircraft, featured at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Colour, cut and assemble the Snowbirds Canadair CT-114 Tutor and the McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet.

Creator: Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Canada Day Crafts

Celebrate the 153rd anniversary of Confederation and the 55th anniversary of the modern Canadian flag by making maple leaf themed crafts with supplies you already have at home. Create a garland and wand to show your patriotic pride, and a shaker to make some festive noise!

Creator: Canadian Museum of History

Colour Your Own Canadian Flag

Our National Flag, with its iconic red and white stripes and maple leaf, is without a doubt the symbol of Canada. Show off your Canada Day cheer by creating and displaying your own Canadian Flag. Print and colour away!

Creator: Canadian Heritage

Colouring Coins

Discover a family colouring book with pictures for kids and adults alike! You’ll find classic Canadian images like Parliament Hill, our coastline and some critters. Also featured are some important anniversaries marked in 2020, such as the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands.

Creator: Royal Canadian Mint

First Photo Here

First Photo Here presents a collection of captured moments that link people across time and place. This new project made exclusively for Instagram focusses on new arrivals to Canada and the photos they share with friends and family back home. Visit @FirstPhotoHere to view the stories and submit your own.

Creator: National Film Board of Canada

Guess Where? — A Picture Matching Game

How well do you know Canada? Test your knowledge and match each image with the correct province or territory on the maps! Take it to the next level and guess the exact name of the location and the year when the picture was taken.

Creator: Library and Archives Canada

How Well Do You Really Know the National Flag of Canada?

So you think you know your National Flag? Want to learn more about the flag's history, the rules surrounding its use, and its design? Come test your knowledge by taking this quiz!

Creator: Canadian Heritage

Maple Cheek

You don’t need to be an artist to paint your love of Canada. Learn how to draw a maple leaf quickly and easily with this face-painting hack. You don’t even need face paint!

Creator: Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

O Canada Sing-Along with the NAC Orchestra

Did you know this year marks the 40th anniversary of Canada’s national anthem? To help you celebrate with family and friends, the NAC Orchestra has created this fun and interactive toolkit so you can perform O Canada together!

Creator: NAC Orchestra

Parliament of Canada 3D Model

Calling all aspiring builders! The Parliament buildings in Ottawa are a distinct symbol of the Canadian government and familiar to people around the world. Print, cut and assemble this 3D paper model at home.

Creator: Canadian Heritage

Parliament: The Virtual Experience

Parliament is a landmark like no other. It is the storied seat of Canadian democracy and a unique architectural wonder. Step inside the doors of Parliament online or in 360° video, and discover how the work of Canada’s national legislature affects you.

Creator: Library of Parliament, National Film Board of Canada

Share Your Story: What Does Being Canadian Mean to You?

For Canada Day, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is inviting you to share reflections about being Canadian. What does being Canadian mean to you? How has Canada shaped you? What do you value most about being Canadian? Your rights and freedoms? Your community or region? Share your story by creating a 2-minute video.

Creator: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Turtle Island

Turtle Island is what some Indigenous people call the continent of North America. Take a tour of Turtle Island to discover some interesting facts about First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures.

Creator: Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Who Said it? Canada Day Edition

How well do you know Canada’s human rights champions? Take this interactive quiz and test your knowledge. Match the quote to the famous Canadian and beat the clock for an even higher score to move your way up the leaderboard!

Creator: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Word Search

There are 3 groups of Indigenous people in Canada: First Nations, Inuit and Métis. Indigenous languages are made up of several language families. To learn about Indigenous words and their meanings, check out this simple and fun game.

Creator: Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

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