Canada Day 2021: A time to reflect

The recent findings of unmarked graves of children found on or near the grounds of former Indian Residential Schools have sent shockwaves through Indigenous communities across the country. All of Canada is in mourning and stands with First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples in this difficult time.

Systemic racism has also not spared racialized communities, which have been the targets of violence across the country in recent weeks.

On July 1st, let us take time to reflect on the violence that our institutions may have inflicted, the impact that this violence continues to have today on Indigenous peoples and racialized communities, and the journey that each of us must take toward reconciliation and living together.

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July 1 program

Lights on Canada Day

All across the country there are multi-talented creators who make our culture shine. This year, artists will mark Canada Day during a live broadcast, highlighting our resilience and strengthening the ties that unite us.

The 2-hour program will take you on a journey from Ottawa, Ontario, to Alberta, through Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Yukon, Manitoba, New Brunswick and North West Territories. It will feature the artists and artisans who make our country a vibrant stage. Visit Canadian Heritage's YouTube channel not only to enjoy the program, but for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Canada Day — Behind the scenes

What goes on behind the scenes? Watch the evening program Lights on Canada Day on Canadian Heritage's YouTube channel for exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

How to watch

On July 1, 2021

Canadian Heritage YouTube
From 8 to 10 pm (ET)

CBC Television
From 8 to 10 pm local time
From 9 to 11 pm Atlantic time
From 9:30 to 11:30 pm Newfoundland time

From 8 to 10 pm (ET)
From 8 to 10 pm (ET)

Ici Radio-Canada Télé
From 8 to 10 pm local time
From 9 to 11 pm Atlantic time
From 8 to 10 pm (ET)

Available after July 1st

Radio-Canada OHdio
ICI ARTV – On July 5th


Tim Hortons Canada Day Virtual Fireworks

On July 1, at 10 pm local time, thousands of Canadians will be dazzled by the Tim Hortons Canada Day Virtual Fireworks! Wherever you are in the country, point your smart phone or tablet at the sky and enjoy this 3D fireworks show. This fun and innovative experience will make you feel as if you were there.

Canada Day Contest: discover, celebrate and win

Answer a short quiz and find activities that are perfect for you. There are many great prizes to be won and enjoyed all summer long!

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