Watch online: Canada, let's get together!

Our country is full of fascinating places and interesting people — including you!

Take part in the online activities and join us as we explore different facets of Canada.

Let’s cook together!

Are you up for a tasty cooking challenge? Join celebrity Chef Ricardo and show off your culinary talents.

Let’s get active together!

Is being active important to you? Join Canadian Grey Cup champion Étienne Boulay and take up the fitness challenge.

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Let’s innovate together!

You admire bright and innovative minds? Meet these Canadians who are voluntarily contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

Let’s discover together!

Explore Canada, virtually, with travel vloggers Gunnarolla, Hey Nadine, An Tran and artist Yaovi Hoyi – plus a surprise guest who’s outta this world!

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Let’s celebrate together!

Discover games, recipes and everything needed to host an at-home-celebration, complete with an “O Canada” sing-a-long track!

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Canada Day Celebration Kit

Get ready to celebrate Canada Day with our fun and interactive activity packs!

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Arts and culture

Peace Tower

History, symbols and traditions


Outdoors and physical activity

O Canada

Culinary activities

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