Canada Day 2020 — Let’s get active together!

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Is being active important to you? Canadian Grey Cup champion Étienne Boulay finds out why — and how — people across the country are staying fit.

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Transcript for “Video — Canada Day 2020 — Let’s get active together!”

Video length: 2:59 minutes

This is a bilingual video. The dialogue is in both English and French.

Étienne Boulay in his backyard, speaking directly at the camera.

[Text on screen: Étienne Boulay, Former CFL Football Player]

Étienne Boulay: Hello everyone. This is Étienne Boulay. I hope you’re doing well. A few weeks ago, Canadian Heritage challenged me, gave me the mission to try to get Canadians moving, to try to get you guys a little bit more active. So I sent out a challenge and a few friends answered the call.

So I want to thank Jennifer Abel, who is an Olympic diver. I want to thank Olympic skier Mikaël Kingsbury, Kaetlyn Osmond, who is a figure skater, Jennifer Oakes, who is a sitting volleyball player. Thank you very much for participating. And actually thank you everyone who did participate.

You contributed to this great movement, physical health, mental health and just being overall active. So I appreciate it. Keep sharing the good news, stay active together and Happy Canada Day.

[Text on screen: LET’S GET ACTIVE TOGETHER – PRESENTED BY GoodLife Fitness]

Jennifer Abel is sitting on yoga mat.

Jennifer Abel: (translated from French to English) Hi everyone. I’m Jennifer Abel.

Kaetlyn Osmond is sitting in front of a window inside her home.

Kaetlyn Osmond: Hi everyone. I was challenged to get up and move and it’s your turn to do the same thing.

Mikaël Kingsbury is standing in swimsuit in front of a pool.

Mikaël Kingsbury: (translated from French to English) Hi everyone. As we celebrate Canada Day, I encourage you to get active.

Jennifer Oakes is holding a ball in a backyard.

[Text on screen: Jennifer Oakes, Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Player]

Jennifer Oakes: Hi everyone. I was asked to get Canadians moving for Canada Day celebrations. Active together.

Young man on a basketball court with basketball in hands.

[Text on screen: Habib Atallah]

Habib Atallah: Hello everyone. What’s goin’ on? We’re out here at this sunny day here in Moussette Park.

[Text on screen: Kaetlyn Osmond, Olympic Figure Skater]

Kaetlyn Osmond: Staying active is a great way of keeping your body strong and healthy and a great way of keeping your brain positive. And who doesn’t like that?

Boy on a hoverboard in front of obstacle course marked with Canadian flags.

[Text on screen: Raphaël Vicente]

Raphaël Vicente: (translated from French to English) So now, I’m going to do my Canada Day course backwards on my hoverboard.

Woman standing in water with surfboard in hand.

[Text on screen: Sarina Daigle]

Sarina Daigle: (translated from French to English) I find it’s important to keep active because it gets me outdoors. So let’s get moving together.

Girl standing in front of basketball net, switching ball from hand to hand as she speaks.

[Text on screen: Emma Vicente]

Emma Vicente: (translated from French to English) Hi Canadians. My challenge is to get this ball in the basket facing backwards.

Jennifer Oakes holds a ball in her hands.

Jennifer Oakes: Staying active is a part of my everyday routine and keeps me happy and fit.

Kaetlyn Osmond: And get Canadians up and moving so we can all participate in Canada Day celebrations.

David Patchell-Evans and Silken Lauman are standing side by side.

[Text on screen: David Patchell-Evans, Founder and CEO, GoodLife Fitness and Silken Lauman, Former Olympic Rower].

David Patchell-Evans: I love to rollerblade for fun and fit.

Silken Lauman: I love cycling and meditation and yoga, not just for my physical health but my mental health.

Mikaël Kingsbury is standing in front of a pool.

[Text on screen: Mikaël Kingsbury, Olympic Freestyle Skier]

Mikaël Kingsbury: (translated from French to English) My challenge is to do a one and a half flip, splashing as little as possible.

Does a roll and dives into a pool.

Jennifer Abel: (translated from French to English) So here’s my challenge.

[Text on screen: Jennifer Abel, Olympic Diver]

Performs sit-up move on yoga mat with exercise band.

Boy hops over wood logs two feet at a time.

[Text on screen: Kade Beecroft]

Kaetlyn Osmond does spinning moves on ice.

Jennifer Oakes practices volleyball near lawn chair in park.

Raphaël Vicente holding Canadian flags, moving backwards on a hoverboard through obstacle course marked by Canadian flags.

Sarina Daigle seen from a distance walking out in water with surfboard.

Habib Atallah throwing basketball into the net.

Emma Vicente standing in front of basketball net that has Canadian flag attached to it. Smiles and signals two thumbs up after throwing her ball backwards into the net.

Young man goes through obstacle course at gym.

[Text on screen: Xavier Dugas Rollin]

Girl, ski pole in hand, walks along band tied between trees as if on a balance beam. Performs splits.

[Text on screen: Léa Chabot]

Raphaël Vicente on his hoverboard waving Canadian flags at end of obstacle course.

Raphaël Vicente: (translated from French to English) Happy Canada Day!

Mikaël Kingsbury catches his breath after his dive.

Mikaël Kingsbury: Ohhhh!

Jennifer Abel sitting on mat with exercise band in hands.

Jennifer Abel: (translated from French to English) So let’s get moving.

David Patchell-Evans and Silken Laumen, side by side.

Silken Lauman: Find a way of being healthy and active, everyone.

David Patchell-Evans: Enjoy!

Together: Happy Canada Day everyone!

[Text on screen: #CanadaDay #ActiveTogether]

[Text on screen: GoodLife FITNESS ®]

[Text on screen: Canada wordmark]



  • Étienne Boulay
  • Jennifer Abel
  • Kaetlyn Osmond
  • Mikaël Kingsbury
  • Jennifer Oakes
  • Habib Atallah
  • Raphaël Vicente
  • Sarina Daigle
  • Emma Vicente
  • David Patchell-Evans
  • Silken Laumann
  • Kade Beecroft
  • Xavier Dugas Rollin
  • Léa Chabot

Production: BAM Media

Producer: Vincent Beaulieu

Executive producer: Lise Boyer

Content support: Jennifer Proulx-Bergeron

Production and editing:

  • Alex Lacasse for VAX Films
  • Canadian Heritage Multimedia team
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