Canada Day 2020 — Let’s celebrate together!

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With celebrations taking place virtually, there’s a tone of free online activities for you to enjoy. Discover games, recipes and everything needed to host a celebration at home, complete with an “O Canada” sing-a-long track!

Discover the Canada Day Celebration Kit in the company of popular creators of Canadian content.

Join in the fun and share your experience with the hashtag #CelebratingTogether on your feeds.


Transcript for “Video — Canada Day 2020 — Let’s celebrate together!”

Video length: 6:21 minutes

This is a bilingual video. The dialogue is in both English and French.

Shannon and Brittlestar sitting at home computer. Music playing.

Shannon: This is a really cool website. There’s so many things you can do for Canada Day.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage.

Brittlestar: There’s like tons of free activities. I’m going to do the time capsule.

He clicks on the BUILD A TIME CAPSULE link. Leads to the Canadian Museum of History webpage, where there is a photo of two people retrieving a time capsule, their hands dirty from digging.

Shannon: Why the time capsule?

Brittlestar: So I can go into the future when lockdown’s done.

Shannon: I think you’re thinking of a time machine.

Brittlestar: Am I? Ah, it’ll be fun anyway.


Three balloons to the right.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage, clicks on Canada Moves. Leads to National Arts Centre webpage.

Gurdeep Pandher is bare-foot, dresses in red and white shorts, shirt and turban, dancing in front of a lake.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage, clicks on Maple Cheek (YouTube). Leads to YouTube page “Maple Cheek | Une feuille d’érable sur la joue”.

Celina Spooky Boo in front of a wooden fence.

Celina Spooky Boo: You don’t need to be an artist to paint the love of Canada you have, on your face.

Holds her two index fingers to the back of her cheeks.

Celina Spooky Boo: Today, I’m going to be doing the maple cheek, and painting a perfect maple leaf on my face.

Gestures and smiles.

Celina Spooky Boo: Here we go. Ohhhh!

Draws brush downward to paint thin red line on her cheek. Continues drawing outline of maple leaf.

Celina Spooky Boo: Does this smell like maple syrup?

Smells the brush.

Celina Spooky Boo: No.

Continues drawing outline of maple leaf.

Celina Spooky Boo: Ahhhh! A little buddy here. A little buddy there. Oh-oh-ah.

Gets emotional.

Celina Spooky Boo: Sorry, it looks so cute.

Starts to fill in maple leaf.

Celina Spooky Boo: Fillin’ her on in. And boop.

Adds stem to bottom of leaf.

Celina Spooky Boo: Ahhhh! It’s perfect! But one is not enough. My love for Canada is bigger than [inaudible].

Begins drawing on chin.

Celina Spooky Boo: [inaudible] in that order, right here.

Maple leaf on chin is now complete.

Celina Spooky Boo: This is good! But like, it’s still not enough.

Facing fence, she turns and shows several maple leaves on her face. Smiles.

Celina Spooky Boo: I don’t know what happened. But it feels so right! If you want yours looking even better than mine, visit and watch the Maple Cheek video.


Celina Spooky Boo: Happy Canada Day everyone!

Raises arms, makes kissing gesture.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage, clicks on (translation from French to English) “A Continent to Explore”. Leads to National Arts Centre webpage “Un continent à explorer”.

Saint JMC is in a park.

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): With Canada Day approaching, the government has organized a number of activities, so I’m taking part. The activity I’m doing today is the nature hike. It’s a very easy and fun activity.

Points his nose and his eyes.

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): All you need is your nose, your eyes, your ears, and your legs.

Gets on his bike.

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): The goal of this activity is to see nature come alive.

[Starts riding bike]

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): So I got out my bike and I went to a park close to home.

Rides along bike path.

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): Come on. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood, in a wooded area close to home.

Slows down and stops bike, gets off.

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): Look at nature. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear?

Squats and puts an open hand to his ear.

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): Listen. Do you hear the birds? That’s the beautiful sound of nature.

Smiles, puts hand down and looks up.

Saint JMC (translated from French to English): Now it’s your turn to explore. Go for a nature hike.

Gets up.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage, clicks on “Framing Nature”. Leads to the National Gallery of Canada webpage “FRAMING NATURE: A PHOTOGRAPHY ACTIVITY”. Silhouettes of man and woman taking pictures of a lake scene.

Lord.Cord taking photos

Close-up of leaves.

Lord.Cord: I use the camera for some of my pictures but I also use my phone as well.

Squats and takes close-up picture of leaves. Stands up and checks photo. Smiles.

Lord.Cord: Wow, gorgeous!

Shown on nature trail, arm raised. Motioning toward trees. Waves both arms in air. Evening shots of woods and lake.

Lord.Cord: The best time to take pictures outside is either early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun’s lower. That way the light will be less harsh and your pictures will come out super nice. I ended up taking my pictures in the evening today. I was pleased with them.

[She heads toward a footbridge. Before stepping on bridge, she touches the sign saying “Use at your own risk”. Walks on bridge and stops when half way over bridge.

Lord.Cord: It’s always great to find a location where you can be comfortable and have a lot of fun.

Loud sound of running water. Hand on bridge railing, she points behind her and speaks in a loud voice.

Lord.Cord: This is the spot. Don’t be afraid to mess around with the settings on your camera or your phone.

Takes picture, then adjusts camera settings.

Lord.Cord: Using a macro setting on your phone or your camera is always good if you’re shooting up close.

She is in the woods, squating, taking closeup shot, camera pointing down.

Close-up shots of white wildflowers.

Lord.Cord: Here’s an example of that.

Smiles, camera in hand.

Lord.Cord: Happy Canada Day, buds.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage, stops at “Make Your Own Bannock”. Leads to “Métis Cookbook and Guide to Healthy Living 2nd Edition (PDF format)”.


Time-lapse of Bette Reynolds in pink sweater shown adding ingredients to bowl for bannock and putting dough on pan. Bannock shown cooking in oven.

Fast-motion video of bannock-making process.

Bette Reynolds takes a bite of the bannock. Gives it thumbs up.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage to (translation from French to English): “Popsicles” Fruits Canadian Flag” clicks on link and scrolls down to red and white popsicles.

Raspberries in glass beside bottle of maple syrup. Method shown for making these special popsicles. Cups placed in freezer, time-lapse of timer set on phone to 20 minutes.

Alex & MJ enjoy their popsicles together.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage, clicks on link “Colour Your Own Canadian Flag – Small – PDF version”.

Closeup of colouring page of the Canadian flag.

Cassidy J smiles as she holds up page to be coloured. She has paintbrushes, paint and markers ready. She’s painting Canada flag. Traces the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA.

Scrolling down Celebration kit webpage, clicks on “O Canada sing-along with the NAC Orchestra”.

Webpage shows conductor. Orchestral music is playing.

Voices singing anthem: O Canada!

Gurdeep Pandher, bare-foot, dressed in red and white shorts, shirt and turban, is dancing in front of a lake.

A girl in yellow shirt singing.

Girl: Our home and (…)

Boy on backyard couch singing.

Boy: (…) native land!

Boy playing guitar in backyard.

Brittlestar walking along waterway singing.

Brittlestar: True patriot love (…)

Boy next to hockey net singing.

Boy: (…) in all of us command.

Girl and woman in their home, framed by a collage of Canadian flags.

Girl and woman: Car ton bras sait porter l’épée. Il sait porter la croix!

Woman singing in front of door.

Woman: Ton histoire est une épopée (…)

Woman singing from home, flower poster on wall.

Woman: Des plus (…)

Girl smiling and singing from home.

Girl: (…) brillants exploits.

Four young girls, dressed in Canada attire, singing by a window.

Girls: God keep our land (…)

Girl on bench, gestures, gets up and performs comical dance.

Voices: Glorious and free!

Man seen in three different outfits giving peace sign.

Voices: O Canada (…)

Woman and child on her shoulders wave.

Woman and other voices: We stand on guard for thee.

Gurdeep Pandher dancing by lake.

Two young men dressed in suits singing and gesturing enthusiastically.

Girl holding cat and waving its paw.

Woman in sunglasses waving small flag in field and looking up to the sky.

Multiple voices: O Canada! We stand on guard for thee!

Man at city intersection wearing mask and looking at camera giving peace sign.

Boy with large flag in hand, wearing toque and mask, dancing.

Gurdeep Pandher, Canadian flag wrapped around him, reaches arms wide.

Brittlestar finishes filling his time capsule, puts lid on jar, looks proud of himself, then phone rings. Search on himself for his phone, realizes phone is in the time capsule. Takes it out and answers it.

[Text on screen: #CanadaDay #CelebratingTogether]

[Text on screen: Tim Hortons]

[Text on screen: Canada wordmark]



  • Brittlestar
  • Celina Spooky Boo
  • Gurdeep Pandher
  • Cassidy J
  • Saint JMC
  • Lord.Cord
  • Alex & MJ
  • Adam Growe
  • Richard Crouse
  • Michelle Ferreri
  • Tyler Lorette
  • Crash Adams
  • Jayde Vincent
  • Olivia Fink
  • Snappycakes

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