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At night, fireworks explode above Parliament.

The Canadian flag billows in the breeze.

[fireworks crackling]

A spectrum of gold explosions burst in rapid succession.

[crowd cheering distantly]

They backdrop the flag, its red maple leaf rippling in shadow.

[fireworks crackling]

Beside it, the four fleur-de-lis of the blue-and-white Quebec flag waft gently.

Blasts of vivid red fireworks light up above a statue.

Spectators crane their necks to watch the colourful display.

Neon green and orange fill the sky.

A woman sticks a miniature Canadian flag into her hair bun.

[loud crackling]

An onlooker records the show.

The bursting spheres of fuchsia and gold fill his screen, coming into focus.

Above him, the dozens of blurry lights comprising a single burst expand in a fiery ball.

Pale lilac sparks shoot in random directions, streaking the sky with their flaming tails.

For a split-second, a vivid flash lights up the dark Canadian flag.

Spectators stare at the red sky.

Smoke trails linger in the air, an afterimage of faded sparks.

The lights of the Peace Tower are lit.

Behind it, blue fireworks brighten the inky night.

From a single point, a multitude of glowing orange sparks erupt, shooting out into an expansive ball.

Chartreuse sparkles fly into at random, filling the space as the orange slowly disappears.

Violet dots pinprick the sky like stars.

A large crowd watches the spectacle, some filming on their phones.

[crowd cheering]

The woman with the flag in her bun peers up at the sight.

The tiny flag ripples gently, silhouetted by the brilliant display.

The real flag waves magnificently before the streak of lights.

Gold and green specks twinkle softly behind it.

[fireworks crackling]

A spectator takes a photo of the show on her digital camera.

She captures pink and red explosions set off one after the other.

[fireworks popping]

In the finale, shimmering gold rains down, followed by rapid bursts of violet and coral.

A fiery burst of orange engulfs a neon pink ball like petals, then shoots outwards like a torrent.

Yellow, rocket-like fireworks blast into the night, before exploding in quick bursts of red.

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