Creative Canada: at a Glance

Invest in Canadian creators, cultural entrepreneurs and their stories

Strengthen the creative sector, including national cultural institutions, museums 
& funding programs

$1.9B investment in arts and culture

New investment in Canada Media Fund including Experimental Stream

Support early-stage development, innovation & collaboration

Grow creative hubs as part of $300M investment in the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

Modernize funding programs:

  • - Canada Media Fund
  • - Canada Music Fund
  • - Streamline CAVCO Approval Process
  • - Canada Book Fund
Review the Copyright Act with a focus on creators

Reform the Copyright Board of Canada

Parliamentary review of the Copyright Act

  • Quality Canadian content in both English & French
  • Helping creators & cultural entrepreneurs succeed and innovate
  • Fostering a diversity of voices, including from Indigenous creators

Promote discovery and distribution at home and globally

Rethink broadcasting in the online era & review of the Broadcasting Act and Telecommunications Act

Letter to incoming CRTC Chairperson

CRTC report on how Canadian content is to be distributed in the future

Seek commitments from digital players to invest in, produce, and showcase more Canadian content
New investment in Creative Export Strategy

Enhanced export support in key markets, participation at trade events, new & modernized coproduction treaties

New creative export fund in 2018

Increased support for coproductions from Telefilm

Establish Creative Industries Council to collaborate across industries & tackle barriers to growth
Lead on an international strategy to promote cultural diversity online
  • Creating more pathways to market for Canadian creators & cultural entrepreneurs

Strengthen public broadcasting and support local news

Realize full potential of CBC/Radio-Canada as a vital partner in promoting Canadian content & delivering local news

$675M reinvestment to stabilize funding

Independent process for selection of leadership

Strengthen mandate of CBC/Radio-Canada
  • A strong & relevant public broadcaster
Digital disruption in the news & media sector

Modernize Canada Periodical Fund

Work with digital players to support news innovation & local journalism

Digital and news literacy initiatives

  • Access to local & regional news and information
  • Canadian stories stand out at home and around the world
  • Grow the creative economy (630,000 jobs, $54.6B in economic activity)
  • Canadians have access to trusted sources of local news & information

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