How well do you really know the National Flag of Canada — For ages 5 to 12

Let’s test your knowledge and find out!

This quiz does not require you to submit your answers. The correct answer will be provided as you answer each question.

1. What type of maple leaf is in the centre of the Canadian flag?

  • A. A mountain maple leaf
  • B. A silver maple leaf
  • C. A sugar maple leaf
  • D. A stylized maple leaf

2. Which of the following symbols was the first to emerge as an emblem of Canada?

  • A. The beaver
  • B. The maple leaf
  • C. Hockey
  • D. The canoe

3. What does “half-masting” refer to?

  • A. It is a flag position used to indicate mourning
  • B. It is a flag position used as a symbol to celebrate an achievement
  • C. It is a short (half-size) flagpole used in special ceremonies to honour dignitaries
  • D. It designates the removal of half the flags in an arrangement to showcase important flags during a special event

4. In what year was the current Canadian flag officially adopted?

  • A. 1921
  • B. 1942
  • C. 1965
  • D. 1979

5. When is National Flag of Canada Day celebrated each year?

  • A. July 1
  • B. February 15
  • C. September 10
  • D. December 8

6. True or False: Canada is the only country with a maple leaf on its flag.

  • A. True
  • B. False

7. What does it indicate when the Canadian flag is flown upside-down?

  • A. Election day
  • B. Mourning
  • C. Declaration of war
  • D. None of the above

8. True or False: Every province and territory in Canada has its own flag.

  • A. True
  • B. False

9. When should the flag be replaced?

  • A. At the end of the year
  • B. On February 15
  • C. When it is faded or damaged
  • D. Upon the arrival of a dignitary

10. Bonus question — What is the name of the first Canadian astronaut to bring a Canadian flag into space?

  • A. Marc Garneau
  • B. Chris Hadfield
  • C. Roberta Bondar
  • D. David Saint-Jacques

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