Video - Northern Lights, July 11 to September 16, 2017


Transcript of Northern Lights

No narration during this video.

A dramatic soundtrack plays throughout the video.

The exterior of a building, a man in his car looking up to the sky. A women in the background turns around to also look up.

Shot of downtown Ottawa. Part of Wellington Street and the renowned Fairmount Château Laurier hotel. Virtual elements are added by computer: a big totem pole is being raised in the middle of the street by a group of men. At the same moment, a line appears on the right of the screen and slithers through the sky towards the left, passing behind the totem pole.

Close-up of the man and his car. Another older man stands outside and looks up.

Shot of downtown Ottawa. The National Gallery of Canada and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The virtual lines appear on the left of the screen, flies over the town towards the right and passes behind the Cathedral. In the middle of the scene, giant gears from a clock’s mechanism appear. We see and hear the hands of the clock ticking.

Text on screen: 1867

Shot of the Rideau Canal. A virtual sailing boat sails through the canal, surrounded by icebergs. The line flies over the scene.

A man and a woman look at the scene, amazed. Another man approaches on the right.

Shot of the Ottawa River. The Parliament from a distance from behind and the Fairmount Chateau Laurier hotel. A sailing boat and canoes are on the water. Two spirals appear and drag the boats and canoes out of the water, giving the impression that they are flying towards the Parliament. Gulls are flying in the sky as we hear their cries.

A woman in sportswear stops in front of Alexandra Bridge and looks into the distance.

Shot of the Centre Block seen from the Parliament Hill, at night. A line contours the outline of the Parliament. The virtual elements seen in the previous scenes (totem pole, sailing boat, canoes and gulls) appear in movement, flying over the Hill. The totem is raised and aligns with the peace Tower. We hear the cries of the gulls in the background.

The music stops with a loud drumming noise.

Text on screen: See you on the Hill. Free show. July 11 to September 16. Northern Lights. Exclusive Sponsor Manulife

Text on screen: Canada wordmark

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