Saturday, February 2, 2019 | 1:00 am to 11:59 pm
ByWard Market

  • February 1 to 18, George Street 

A luminescent metal cube encloses a miniature landscape, fixed in time and space, revealing both the beauties of winter and our dreams of warmth and escape.

Territories questions our sometimes paradoxical relationship with the climate, the seasons and our northern identity. The work also makes reference to the way we occupy and transform the land, and even how we see it in our dreams.

Olivier Roberge
Design and fabrication: Olivier Roberge, Vincent Roy and Mathieu Fecteau
A project by Exmuro arts publics 

The team would like to thank Suzanne Cordeau, Jean-Michael Seminaro, Geneviève Moreau, Sylvie Arsenault, Julie Arsenault and Alexandra Le May for their contribution of travel photographs.

The Art in the Capital program aims to raise the profile of Canadian public art in the urban spaces of Canada’s Capital Region.

oroberge.com (Website in French only)

exmuro.com (Website in French only)

Event theme(s): [Art and culture]