Qaggiq - Celebrate Life!

Qaggiq - Celebrate Life!

Saturday, February 9, 2019 | 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
ByWard Market

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Sing-along in Inuktut, the ancient Inuit songs from Canada's Arctic. In this interactive video installation, visitors are invited to experience and sing along with three ancient songs (pisiit). Songs and drum dance are central components of Inuit culture.

Traditionally, Inuit would build a qaggiq, a large, magnificent iglu where people from outlying camps would gather to sing, drum and tell stories. Inuit knew that the performing arts build a sense of belonging, heal trauma and carry the culture forward. During colonization, some of the traditional songs were banished or discouraged - as a result, the ancient terminology of this music is now remembered by only a very small number of elders. Qaggiavuut is working to document this precious resource and create opportunities for knowledge-keepers to share these songs and stories with a new generation before they are lost.


Qaggiq: A magnificent iglu built for the purpose of gathering people together to share songs and stories and to ensure the survival of the culture. Qaggiavuut is working to build a contemporary ‘qaggiq’, a performing arts space in Nunavut where Inuit artists can create and present their work.

Pisiq: A song created in the traditional Inuit style.

Pisiit: The plural of pisiq.

Qaggiavuut was supported to create digital resources of pisiit by the Canada Council for the Arts, Culture and Heritage Nunavut. The videos were produced by Qaggiavuut and the installation design by Jackpine.

Presented by The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre, Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin.

Event theme(s): [Indigenous culture] [Family]