Winterlude 2021 wrap-up

Transcript of the Winterlude 2021 wrap-up

Video length: 00:59

[The Winterlude logo appears in 3-D animation.]

[The Ice Hog is standing in front of a sleigh on which suitcases are stacked. The landscape in the background represents Canada's Capital Region and features an ice sculpture depicting an Ice Hog. The Ice Hog is exchanging messages on a tablet.]

So!? How was your virtual Winterlude?

LOVED IT! Watched the national show. Artists + sculptors in action = Wow!

[Different images from the webcast of the show: singers, musicians and dancers.]

[Back to the Ice Hog who writes a text.]

The ice-carving competition… Got 30 000 votes across Canada!!!

[Different images of ice sculptors at work and ice sculptures.]

[Back to the Ice Hog in front of the sleigh with suitcases. There is a new text message.]

Loved the app. 100 activities. Awesome!

[Images of the Winterlude mobile application: the menu in writing, the menu in images and the image of the virtual book ‘’Ice Hog Adventure’’ activity.]

[White screen with the Winterlude tagline in a text message, ‘’THIS is Winterlude’’, followed by 3 pictures: a family building a snowman, a mother with her child sitting in a snow fort, and a snowman decorated in red with a Canadian flag.]

[Close-up on the Ice Hog in front of the sleigh with suitcases. There is a new text message exchange.]


Say that to our amazing partners! See you in 2022?

Ohhh yeah!

[The Ice Hog puts on sunglasses and leaves pushing its sled loaded with suitcases on which you can see partner logos like travel stickers.]

[Full screen view of the ice sculpture and the sponsors’ logos: OLG and Rogers.]

[Two pages in a row, titled Thanks, show close to 45 programming partners’ logos.]

[The Canada wordmark is displayed.]
Symbol of the Government of Canada
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