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Canadians were invited to sign the online book of condolences. The book is now closed but you can view messages left by others.

His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, In Memoriam


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We are deeply saddened by the passing of Prince Philip and send our condolences to our Queen, Queen Elizabeth. He was a war hero, a champion of environmental issues and a great supporter of the Commonwealth. May he rest in peace.

The Carter Family of Alberta
2021-04-09 21:34:26

so sorry to hear of Prince Phillips passing? My thoughts and prayers are with you

Susannah Barrow
2021-04-09 21:34:22

You will be missed

Marilyn MacDonald
2021-04-09 21:33:51

He was a hero to the Empire, serving his Nation in the 2nd World War and continuing to support and strengthen the Commonwealth. My condolences go to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. God save the Queen.

Trent M
2021-04-09 21:32:52

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather may he Rest In Peace 

Barbara Occhiuto
2021-04-09 21:32:35

Deepest sympathies to her Majesty the Queen and her family on the passing of her husband. May the memories of the wonderful life you shared soften your sadness at this difficult time.

Kathy Riches
2021-04-09 21:32:33

May you rest in peace Prince Philip. I'm sure there were many waiting with open arms to receive you. My thoughts and prayers are with the Queen and your entire family. Thank you for your many years of dedicated service. All the very best moving forward.

Nicole S
2021-04-09 21:31:56

Condolences to Her Majesty and the entire Royal Family.

Andrew A
2021-04-09 21:30:23

Thank you for all your service, dedication and passion to help others.

Elevation Party of Canada
2021-04-09 21:29:22

Such a loss. My condolences

2021-04-09 21:29:18

A sad day for the Commonwealth and Canadians.

Sincerest Condolences to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family.

God Save The Queen.

Nick A
2021-04-09 21:29:10

To the Queen and the Royal Family,

You are in our prayers and thoughts. May He Rest in Peace.. His legacy lives on as a role model and supporter. He will be missed..

from..Kadua TG

Kadua TG
2021-04-09 21:29:05

My sincere condolences to all the Royal Family and especially to HRH Queen Elizabeth on the loss of a beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather And a sincere thanks to Prince Philip for his many years of dedicated service to Canada in particular

Ann Shute
2021-04-09 21:28:44

RIP. You were 1 in a million.

Foxes ?? Den South
2021-04-09 21:28:29

My deepest condolences to Her majesty the Queen and the Royal Family for their loss.

2021-04-09 21:28:27

With deepest sympathy to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth and family on the passing of the beloved Prince Phillip. With kindest regards.

Jane Spicer-Tremblay
2021-04-09 21:28:22

R.I.P. Prince Phillip

2021-04-09 21:28:08

A long and storied life. Amazing. Thank you for your service to Her Majesty, and the Commonwealth. My thoughts are with the Royal Family.

Ken Johnson
2021-04-09 21:28:07

Our sincerest condolences to Her Royal Highness and the Royal Family.

Sonya Bryant
2021-04-09 21:27:40

Sending heartfelt condolences from a Scouse born Canadian. YNWA

Karen Murphy-Fritz
2021-04-09 21:27:32

Canada thanks you for your life and service. God bless our nation and your family in the future.

Noah Corner
2021-04-09 21:26:35

Rest in peace Prince Phillip

Sean Masterton
2021-04-09 21:26:29

My deepest sympathies to your family and friends. I pray that all find peace and comfort knowing God is with you. Blessings to all.

Stephanie Cates
2021-04-09 21:25:12

He was an exceptional man. A war hero and dedicated public servant to Canada and the Commonwealth. My condolences to Her Majesty and the royal family.
God Save The Queen.

Nicholas Hunt
2021-04-09 21:25:00

Heart felt condolences to the “Queen” and the “Family” Rest In Peace “HRH Prince Philip” God Bless

Philip Doss
2021-04-09 21:24:42

In action faithful and in honour clear

Kristopher Radford
2021-04-09 21:24:42

Dear Queen Elizabeth, I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear husband. I so admired your relationship, and the love you clearly shared. You and your family have my deepest sympathy.

2021-04-09 21:24:28

May the presence of the Holy Spirit fill you HRH Queen Elizabeth with His peace and comfort at this time. Such a blessing of such an honorable Prince in his service to you, the nation, and the world.

Carolyn Anne
2021-04-09 21:24:11

Thoughts of love and comfort are sent to you from our family.

Katie Smith
2021-04-09 21:23:47

It is a very sad day for the Commonwealth. HRH was so dedicated not only to his duty as our Prince but as a husband to Her Majesty. May he rest in eternal peace.

Melissa Colbourne
2021-04-09 21:23:28

A true gentleman. Your dedication to Queen, country and family is an example to us all. Rest In Peace Prince Phillip

Satwant Pannu
2021-04-09 21:23:20

Thoughts of strength and condolences to Her Majesty and the Royal Family. A life of service and family love well spent.

Dayna L. - Prince George, BC
2021-04-09 21:23:17

Our family is sorry for Her Majesty's loss and the loss for her family. May he rest in peace with his loved ones before him.

2021-04-09 21:21:30

You will be missed. What an amazing inspiration you are to people in general and husbands in particular around the world.

2021-04-09 21:21:30

Condolences to the family.
May he Rest In Peace -in Gods Heavenly Kingdom.

2021-04-09 21:21:30

Thanking Prince Philip for all his years of service and keeping the family in my thoughts and prayers.

Gail McCaskill
2021-04-09 21:20:56

Heartfelt sympathy to the Royal family. May his soul Rest In Peace.

2021-04-09 21:20:41

I am sending my thoughts and prayers to Queen Elizabeth and her family in this difficult time. May Prince Philip R.I.P

Mary Joyce
2021-04-09 21:20:22

My sincerest condolences to HM Queen Elizabeth II, and the royal family on the death of Prince Philip. May he rest in peace with the angels. A wonderful consort.

Rosemarie Hurst
2021-04-09 21:19:20

Our heartfelt condolences upon the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh, God Bless him. May he rest in peace. Pro Patria.

Sgt. Daniel K Speed, CD (Ret.)
2021-04-09 21:19:13

RIP sir. My heartfelt condolences to Her Majesty and members of the Royal Family. Thank you for your amazing service to your country and the the Commonwealth.

Breanne Selby
2021-04-09 21:19:07

Our prayers and thoughts are with you. For this God is our God forever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.
Thank you, Prince Philip.

Clarence and Arian
2021-04-09 21:18:59

Je veux offrir mes plus sincères condoléances à Sa Majesté La Reine Elisabeth II et à toute la Famille Royale suite au décès de Son Altesse Royale le Prince Philippe, Duc d'Édimbourg. Signé: Denise Blais, Repentigny, province de Québec, Canada.

Denise Blais
2021-04-09 21:18:21

May God comfort and strengthen you. May you have the peace of Christ. 2 Timothy 4:7 "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith". Matthew 25:21 "...Well done, good and faithful servant...".

Pat Campbell
2021-04-09 21:16:39

I am sadden by Prince Philips passing. The gravity of the loss weighs heavily upon myself as a Canadian and staunch supporter of the Queen and the Monarchy.
With a heavy heart, I send my deepest sympathy to the Queen and her family.

Ellen Kerr
2021-04-09 21:15:04

RIP Sir. My deepest condolences to the royal family on the loss of a great man.

2021-04-09 21:14:23

condolences to the royal family, in particular to Queen Elizabeth. Sending thoughts of peace, love and prayers.

2021-04-09 21:14:15

I love how relatable in personality that Prince Philip was, not many people can be so witty and so brave at the same time. I can say with confidence that Prince Phillip has become one of my inspirations.

2021-04-09 21:14:10

Condolences to the royal family and gratitude for Prince Phillip's service.

William Sims
2021-04-09 21:13:48

To Her Majesty The Queen and other members of the Royal Family, Canadians mourn with you. The lose of His Royal Highness is a sad reality to many whose lives he touched.

Owen Quann
2021-04-09 21:13:31

My sincere condolences to Queen Elizabeth and her family. May Prince Philip Rest In Peace,

Peggy Thompson
2021-04-09 21:12:46

Rest In Peace good sir. You will be missed.

2021-04-09 21:12:40

Your Highness, no mere words will overcome your loss. God be with you.

Richard Outerbridge
2021-04-09 21:12:35

My deepest sympathies to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family.

Diane Townsend
2021-04-09 21:12:34

I offer my most sincere condolences to HRM Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.. I have grown up only knowing the Queen as monarch of Canada and her husband as well, always liking the royal family. I remember fondly seeing them from afar in Ottawa on one of their visits. I wish our Queen many more years of health and my most sincere condolences once more.

Pascale Raposo
2021-04-09 21:12:13

His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord (Matthew 25:23).

2021-04-09 21:11:14

On behalf of St. John Ambulance Branch 089, I offer my heartfelt condolences to HM Queen Elizabeth on the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Phillip. He was an extraordinary man with distinguished military service. He will be greatly missed.

2021-04-09 21:08:49

My Family is thinking of you during this difficult time know our thoughts and prayers are with you

Charlene, Stella and Gus Murray
Halifax NS

Charlene Murray
2021-04-09 21:08:19

Prince Philip was a good man, and even though he was ninety nine when he past, it still feels as though he left too soon.
May he rest in God’s embrace now.
God save the Prince!

2021-04-09 21:06:19

My deepest condolences to her Majesty and the rest of the royal family.
Miramichi NB, Canada

Caroline Griffin
2021-04-09 21:05:55

My deepest sympathies to HRH Elizabeth and family.

Nicolas Harnois
2021-04-09 21:05:32

Sir, you were an example of service.

Thank you for being you!

Queen Elizabeth, you and your family are in my heart

Julie Trudel
2021-04-09 21:05:11

Our sincerest condolences to Her Royal Highness and the Royal Family

Vienna Riddle, Josh & Benjamin Inglis
2021-04-09 21:04:56

I just wanted to send a message to Her Majesty the Queen to say how sorry I am for the loss of you husband, companion and no doubt you best friend. I hope you find comfort in the thoughts and prayers sent your way at this time.

Cassie Cooper
2021-04-09 21:04:14

My sympathies to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her family for their loss. The devotion shown by Prince Phillip to your country was remarkable.

Jody Terpstra
2021-04-09 21:03:48

Well done good and faithful servant. Thank you for your life of commitment and duty. Rest in peace. Sincere sympathy to Her Majesty The Queen and family.

Diana Stephenson
2021-04-09 21:03:29

Rest In Peace HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh our Regiment has lost a great soldier. Pro Patria

Robbie Robinson
2021-04-09 21:02:02

My deep condolences to the Royal Family at this hour. Prince Phillip was a man of integrity, and held his family in high honour. For all his contributions which are immeasurable, he will never be forgotten! Peace and Grace to you all.

2021-04-09 21:01:49

Good life good character. Inspiring person.

Yari Nieken
2021-04-09 21:01:09

My Deepest Condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her family.

He was a great man who dedicated his life to the service of others.

2021-04-09 21:00:55

Thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family. To the world he was a statesman but to his family he was a husband,father, grandfather and great grandfather. RIP kind sir

Wayne & Sharon Upshall
2021-04-09 21:00:33

Our thoughts are with your family.

2021-04-09 20:58:27

My Deepest Condolences to Her Majesty
and the rest of the Royal Family. God save the Queen!

Zachary Fahidy
2021-04-09 20:57:25

Rest In Peace good sir

2021-04-09 20:57:21

Deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the entire Royal Family in this difficult time. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh dedicated his entire life to the service of his people across the Commonwealth and his legacy will never be forgotten. Draw strength from that. Thank you for sharing him with us. RIP Your Royal Highness.

Alexis May Tanner
2021-04-09 20:55:41

Sending my deepest condolences to Her Majesty The Queen and family. Prince Phillip was a great leader and friend to Canada and her people. He will be forever remembered and forever loved.

Nancy Rogers
2021-04-09 20:55:29

My deepest sympathies to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family for their loss. My prayers are with you all.

2021-04-09 20:55:18

Farewell, Shipmate, Sir,
IT was an honour, Bravo Zulu

Sylvain L Seisum-Lanati Lt(N) Ret, DFC
2021-04-09 20:55:10

My heartfelt condolences to Her Majesty and to their family. I have been fortunate to see how the program that he founded, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, has contributed to the development of young people. He helped to make them World Ready. My involvement as both a volunteer and an employee of the Arard in Saskatchewan has been an honor. Thank you for your service, Sir.

Wendy Machmer
2021-04-09 20:54:32

My sincere condolences 

2021-04-09 20:54:19

Our sincere sympathies for the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh. The wood family.

David Wood UE
2021-04-09 20:53:55

God Bless the Royal Family in the loss of HRH The Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. As the Commonwealth mourn the loss I shall remember the years we’ll lived and his life of service to Queen Elizabeth II. May the memory of his life be a blessing. 

2021-04-09 20:53:16

My deepest sympathy to you in your time of grief Your Majesty

Wayne Kenneth Taylor
2021-04-09 20:53:15

Our sincere condolences to Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family.

The Riley family
2021-04-09 20:52:26

Hi I'm sending you my condolences on the death of your very special life partner His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. Take care of you and yours

Yvonne Phillips
2021-04-09 20:52:19

Mourning the loss of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Thank you for a life of service, and your dedication to Canada.

2021-04-09 20:51:27

I’m sorry for your loss! I hope that in this time and many years to come, you remember the joy you had with him, the conversation, the going out, being with the family, or even time alone. Even though I never knew him in person, I know he will be missed

Katrina Dawn Whyte
2021-04-09 20:49:52

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh was an inspiration. He lived a life dedicated to service. Service to the Royal Navy and the cause of freedom. Service to the Crown. Service to our natural environment. His work, I know, will be carried on by his son, the Prince of Wales. My eveasting condolences to our Queen, Her Majesty Elizabeth II, on the loss of her husband of 74 years. Know that Canadians across the country, of all ages, are thinking of you.

Nicholas James Kaizer
2021-04-09 20:49:49

To Her Majesty the Queen,
As Canadians we express our deepest sorrow for you and your family's loss. We will be in prayer for unity, strength and love for each other during this challenging time.
God save the Queen!

Lorilee and Arlin Scharfenberg
2021-04-09 20:49:25

May God cleanse your sorrows in His season, by His grace, out of the love that He holds for you even now.

2021-04-09 20:48:46

My deepest condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family. It is a truly sad day for all the Commonwealth family as well.

2021-04-09 20:48:07

So sorry for your loss .

Catherine Kenny
2021-04-09 20:47:43

Much sadness at the loss of Prince Philip, a great man who lived an extraordinary life and served his country well in many ways. May he rest in peace.

2021-04-09 20:47:27

Thanks for your inspirational life service. Rest In Peace.

Thiago Grant
2021-04-09 20:47:23

A heartfelt condolences to HM Queen Elizabeth, sons and daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He will be missed.

2021-04-09 20:47:17

Our deepest condolences to Her Majesty and the Royal Family on the passing of his Royal Highness. Thank you for your dedicated service.

2021-04-09 20:46:59

My Sympatie to the Majesty the Queen !!!Better days a_re yet to come courage !!!

eric st laurent
2021-04-09 20:46:54

I would like to convey my personal condolences as well as those of the people of Mexico for the sensible passing of His Royal Highness, the Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, may he Rest In Peace.

Juan Jose Gomez Camacho, Ambassador of Mexico to Canada
2021-04-09 20:46:18

May the Honorable Prince Philip Rest in Peace. We thank you for your leadership and service. Our condolences to Queen Victoria and her family.

Lorenza De Lazzari
2021-04-09 20:46:16

Peace be with Her majesty the Queen and family as they go through this difficult time. To those who grieve his loss my sincerest condolences and heart-filled prayers. Rest in peace Prince Philip.

Kim Dorn
2021-04-09 20:45:37


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