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Page 139 of 240 — Book of condolences for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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You are always in my mind!

WELLA Fung-san - North Vancouver, B.C. and Hong Kong
2022-09-10 12:42:51

Such a sad time, remember when she became Queen.

una - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:42:42

While the Crown is often downplayed in its significance to Canadian society, I have always seen myself strongly as a loyal subject of the Queen. Her Majesty will forever be an example of just, temperate, faithful, God honouring, and courageous leadership. As she rests in the arms of her heavenly King, my heart is full of mourning at her passing and prayers for our new King Charles. God be praised!

Andy - Scarborough, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:42:33

My deepestest condolences on the loss of Her Majesty the Queen...mother , grandmother , great grandmother and Her Royal Highness. There is never enough time to spend with those we love. May she rest in peace with her dear Philip.

Kelli - London, Ontario , Canada
2022-09-10 12:42:31

Heart felt condolences to all the Royal family. I have grown up watching the Queen on television and have a great admiration for her. She will be missed.

Linda Beard - Brampton, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-10 12:42:27

Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille royale. Sa Majesté la reine Élisabeth II a été un modèle de dévouement et de dignité. Elle laisse un grand vide mais aussi un profond sentiment du devoir accompli. Elle a marqué l’Histoire et ne sera jamais oubliée. Sa présence m’a accompagnée toute ma vie. Son départ est comme celui d’une grand-mère. Reposez en paix.

Suzanne - Brossard, Québec
2022-09-10 12:42:14


LOVE ann frame

2022-09-10 12:41:58


Manisha - Brampton Ontario
2022-09-10 12:41:57

Thank you your Majesty for your devotion to your people. I served you with pride in HM Royal Marine Commandos. I will miss you.

Jordan Geddert - 108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia, Canada
2022-09-10 12:41:51

Thank you for your life in service to us all.

Mercelle - Toronto
2022-09-10 12:41:44

Her Majesty.... A woman who held the Commonwealth together, through war, peace and service, for over 70 years... now we all hope her family will quietly follow the path she so delicately forged... the correct direction for the future... there has to be check and balance.... and checkmate.... amazing, intelligent, powerful person in her own right as an individual and as royalty.... above all else.. R.I.P.

Pamela - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:41:35

My whole family is saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. We extend our condolences to the Royal Family and all the members of the Commonwealth. She has been an inspiration to millions in terms of her steadfast example and tireless service to the Commonwealth. Rest in peace, your majesty,.

Reid - Henderson, Nevada, USA
2022-09-10 12:41:35

Le Reine Elizabeth II a toujours était une femme forte qui a su surmonter beaucoup d'obstacles. Elle sera à jamais aimée. Paix à son âme

Nawel - Algérie
2022-09-10 12:41:25

Thank you for your years of service. You have inspired countless people and touched the hearts of so many.

Carol - Guelph,Ontario
2022-09-10 12:41:16

May she rest in peace. An incredible Sovereign.

Sandy - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:41:00

The great Queen Elizabeth, you will be missed by all.You touched so many people with your gentle kindness. My heartfelt condolences to the royal family.

Shawn - Abbotsford B.C Canada
2022-09-10 12:40:38


Paul green - Mississaugaont
2022-09-10 12:40:36

Mais sincère condoléance à la famille Royal

Guy - St-Léonard Québec
2022-09-10 12:40:14

Our condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of a remarkable woman and our Queen. She was an inspiration, a shining light to all of us. It is hard to imagine that she is gone. She will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace.

Gerry and Sandy Bronstein - Amherstburg, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:40:10

My deepest condolences to the royal family on the passing of Her Majesty. She has been a rock for you, for us ex-pats in Canada, and for Canada itself through these many, many years. Wishing you comfort. God bless King Charles III.

Rosalind - Belnan, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:39:57

My condolences to the royal family and people of the Commonwealth. We have lost an awe inspiring monarch, may she rest in peace.

Andrew - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-10 12:39:44

Our deepest condolences to KIng Charles lll ,, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and their families ... may you keep your special memories close to your hearts ... sending hugs .
Joe and Janny VandenBerg and family

Janny - Ruthven Ontario Canada
2022-09-10 12:39:38

Your presence and dedication to service will be greatly missed

Jo-Anne - Nanaimo
2022-09-10 12:39:31

RIP the beloved Queen

Pak Kin - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:39:29

Heartfelt Condolences

Meet - New Westminster
2022-09-10 12:39:05

Deepest condolences to King Charles III and all the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II was admired the world over. Her memory will live on in the hearts of many. May you Rest In Peace.

Sarah - London, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:39:05

Our queen has been an important part of my life and my husband's.-Christmas messages on the radio in the 50's, God Save the Queen every day of school. We loved her smile and her consistency in her loving manner to us all and her decency. My husband saw her when she was at Niagara falls when he was a small boy. She displayed warmth and compassion for people and animals. We will miss her so much. Rest in peace your Majesty.

Jenny - Duncan British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:38:51

Rest In Peace Your Majesty. You will always be my queen

Brandi - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:38:47

So sorry to lose such a wonderful, classy, beloved Queen. Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

Rick - Miller
2022-09-10 12:38:39

Farewell to our most wonderful Queen. I emigrated to Canada over 50 years ago, but have always loved and respected Queen Elizabeth II. May her family be consoled by memories of her long and fruitful life.

Angela - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-10 12:38:23

Thank you for your service. The whole nation will miss you and our country mourns for the loss of someone special. May god provide strength to the royal family during this difficult time.

Kanchana - Milton, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:38:21

Condolences to the family and friends who loved her dearly. So very sad she that she has passed. My Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother all looked up to her which made me grow fond as well. Sending love.

Isabella - Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.
2022-09-10 12:38:20

You will be deeply missed. Lucky were the ones who had the privilege of living under your reign.Thank you so very much for everything!!!
May you Rest In Peace.

Jorge - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2022-09-10 12:38:16

It is hard to imagine a world without Queen Elizabeth in it. Steadfast and true, she was a guiding light for all my 70 years. In a world of change she was a constant, loved and respected by all. RIP Your Majesty.

Monica - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:38:15

I'm sorry for the lost of the Royal Family, and for the Queen~ you were truly an inspiration for millions of people, your strength and grace is truly admirable

Allan - Alberta
2022-09-10 12:38:10

My deepest condolences to the Queen's family. She was truly a generous and kind woman.

Kristine - Massey Ontario
2022-09-10 12:37:56

Thank you for your years of service your Majesty. God bless you.

Lesley - Aylmer, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:37:53

Condolences to His Majesty and the royal family. We mourn with you, but rejoice that Queen Elizabeth has entered into eternal glory with Christ. She was an inspiring woman of faith and leadership and will be deeply missed.

Nathan - Coquitlam, BC
2022-09-10 12:37:50

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

Paavan - Maple, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:37:41

Reposez en paix sa majesté.

Maxime - Québec
2022-09-10 12:37:30

À la famille, nous vous souhaitons tout le réconfort, le soutien, le courage et la bienveillance que vous méritez en ce temps difficile. Quelle grande souveraine. Résiliente, intègre et entièrement dévouée. Vous ne serez jamais oubliée. Reposez en paix ....

Louise & Denis - Saint-Eustache, Québec
2022-09-10 12:37:10

Thank you for everything you have done for your family, your country, the Commonwealth, and the world. You were the image of honour, class, humour, and love.

Jeff - Prince George, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:37:07

Heartfelt condolence to the Royal Family! Prayers for strength and patience

Hussayn - Brampton
2022-09-10 12:36:59

To my queen you will be forever missed. You lived a long life, may your memories be charished.

John Vezina - Hamilton ontario
2022-09-10 12:36:56

Thank you for your years of service and always leading with grace. You will be sorely missed.

Alex Kiciak - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:36:53

My Condolences to the Family. The Queen was a fine example to the World, her dedication to her work will be her legacy.She will be greatly missed.

Sylvia - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:36:49

Rest in Peace Your Majesty. Thank you for your devoted and selfless service. Heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family and the new Sovereign King Charles III.

Aimy - North Bay, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:36:47

sympathie a la familles
ces comme si on a perdue une grand mère

serge - Riviere rouge quebec
2022-09-10 12:36:36

Thank you for always being there. Thank you for your constant support for Canada. My thoughts are with the Royal Family.

Judith - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:36:34

You were truly a remarkable lady and will be missed. There will never be a reign like yours again. My condolences to the family.

Stephanie - Weyburn, Saskatchewan
2022-09-10 12:36:15

It will be strange for the world to be without Her Majesty. She will be missed.

Molly - Hamilton Ontario
2022-09-10 12:36:04

For family and friends, we're thinking of you.
HM Queen Elizabeth: Thanks for being consistently there, supportive, intelligent, and sacrificing.
Canada loves you.

David - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:35:47

God-bless you for all the amazing work you've done through your life. And may God be with your family in this time Of great, great loss. And may your light continue to shine through this world as it has for the last 96 years. Is through the continuation of your good works. God-bless the Queen.

Chad Hotton - Smithville Ontario Canada
2022-09-10 12:35:44

Condolences to the family of that wonderful Queen. I was able to see her when she came to my hometown when I was young, and remember her beautiful smile and waving at everyone. Even had a picture of me in the local paper while doing so. Rest in peace your majesty.

Cheryl - Brandon, Manitoba
2022-09-10 12:35:42

My Queen, so sorry to see you go. Beautiful women and Queen and Mother. Nothing will be the same without you. Most beloved by all.

Sheila Ducross (I will miss you)

Sheila Ducross - L'Ile-Perrot, Quebec, Canada
2022-09-10 12:35:40

Queen Elizabeth has been a constant person to look up to throughout my entire life. The stability that she brought to the world was enormous. She was a person that could be depended upon. She would show up and portray the best of how one could be. I shall miss her brilliant appearance on the world stage.

Cathy - Brooklin, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:35:37

Our deepest condolences to the family. Your queen , our queen , was the epitome of service to country. My husband officially retired after 37 years of service to his country and our queen and we are so proud of that ….but 70 years . Nothing can compare. A sad day , but now we must celebrate her in the finest of fashion as she so rightly deserved. Much love and affection to your family and admirers.

Mary - Kingston, On
2022-09-10 12:35:34

Thank you for everything. You will be so very missed and always remembered.

Poppy - Gotland, Sweden
2022-09-10 12:35:25

Thank you your majesty. God save the Queen. My condolences to the entire Royal family.

Lori - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:35:25

You worked tirelessly until the end. May you now rest in peace. My condolences to the remaining members of the royal family.

Ann - Calgary, AB
2022-09-10 12:35:02

I was so sad to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. I have seen the Queen three times in Canada - twice as an adult in Vancouver and Halifax, and as a baby in the late 1950's in Halifax as told to me by my mother. The queen even noticed me and commented to my mother how cute I was! A proud moment for my mother who also adored the Queen. She has been the Queen throughout my entire lifetime and I will miss her greatly for her style and grace and her lifetime of service.

Muriel - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-10 12:34:56

One of the great accomplishments is a life well lived. Cheers to you, Queen Elizabeth.

Brian - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:34:55

She was a binding force for many of the common wealth countries. We have heard so many comments claiming it is begining of the end of monarchy after her demise. May God rest the departed soul in eternal peace.

Rana Suhail - Mississauga
2022-09-10 12:34:49

The Queen was much loved by everyone I know. The life she lived and her enduring Reign made her respected and appreciated by multiple generations of my family. As soon as the news broke of her passing both my adult children let me know. I was with my mother at the time who is almost 90. We were all shocked and saddened by the news. She seemed like she would outlive us all! We will miss her.

Pat - Oakbank, Manitoba
2022-09-10 12:34:46

Thank you for your tireless commitment to service and for always being a model of strength and dignity.

William - Valley, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:34:35

There's just one of your kind and the world misses you.

I am pained that I never got to meet you personally but your kindness proceeds you.

Forever in our hearts

Joshua - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:34:33

Mes condoléances pour la reine d’Angletterre

Benjamin Vézina - Candiac
2022-09-10 12:34:30

Deepest condolences! Loved and missed by many

Lisa - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:34:24

May her Majesty The Queen Rest in Eternal peace.

Denise Fernandes - Burlington, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:34:22

RIP Queen Elizabeth. You'll be missed.

Poline - Milton, ON
2022-09-10 12:34:15

My family and I send our deepest condolences to King Charles and the Royal family on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s passing. She was a very great lady and sovereign who will be dearly missed by millions of people worldwide. She was the only sovereign my son and I have ever known. May she Rest In Peace alongside His Majesty Prince Phillip.

Bruce Forbes - London, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:34:14

Many cultures may have exception to the British Empire, but the Queen was a icon of civility and grace. God rest the Queen.

Jody - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:34:14

We are both old enough to remember the Queen’s coronation in 1953 and the impact it had on our families. A young woman at 25 years of age taking on this responsibility.
Sincere sympathy to all of the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth will always be remembered.

Harold and Lois - Bowmanville Ontario
2022-09-10 12:34:13

My condolences to the Queen's family and friends, she was a great lady and my grandmother loved her and the Royal family.

Susan - Mount Pearl, NL
2022-09-10 12:33:57

Thank you your majesty, for all that you did. You have been a consistent source of calm during my 52 years on this planet and your ability to move with the times while still honouring traditions was impressive. You will be deeply missed, but I know you have prepared Charles for the task ahead, so we are in good hands thanks you your guidance.Rest In Peace Ma'am; you earned it.

Victoria - North Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:33:48

To the late Queen Elizabeth ll, may your soul Rest In Peace. My condolence to the royal family and anyone globally who are also grieving. You will always have a part in my milestones. #QESS #QEP

Sonia - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-10 12:33:40

Simply put, a truly amazing lady, who will be sadly missed 
God bless the Queen, say hello to Phillip in heaven.

Laura - Windsor Ontario
2022-09-10 12:33:30

I had the great honor to serve under you. I will NEVER forget you after you did for us .THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID "My whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong." and you did . You are now together your friend you husband your confidant the man that was there for you for 70 if it was good or bad he was happy with you GOD BLESS THE QUEEN

joel - Laval québec
2022-09-10 12:33:17

Sympathy to the Royal Family in the passing away of the Queen Elizabeth II - their, Mother, Grand-Mother, and Great-Grandmother.

Johanna - Norwich, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:33:09

Thank you for your service your majesty May she rest in peace
May God comfort all the royal family
God bless you all 

Joseph - United Kingdom North Wales
2022-09-10 12:33:00

Rest in peace dear Queen. My condolences to the royal family.

Harsha - Surrey and British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:32:59

Heartbroken to hear about Her majesty Queen Elizabeth passing. What a wonderful personality she was. Rest in peace.

Vinay - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:32:58

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be missed! She was a wonderful person. She was a strong woman carrying on with her pledge to serve her people till the end. She was a wonderful role model for all of us. Loving her family, her realm and her dogs as well as her horses. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the Royal Family. Wishing her son, King Charles III, and family best wishes as they carry on in their new Royal roles.

Ekaine Quigley Savor - Kingston, Ontario Canada
2022-09-10 12:32:42

My husband, children and I extend our deepest condolences for the loss of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The queen was a source of steadfast grace and resilience. She will forever be remembered and cherished. May God rest her dear soul and May her memory be eternal. Thankful to have lived in a beautiful time where she existed. Thank you Ma’am. 

Sofia Konstantinidis - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:32:28

Queen Elizabeth was a very kind and generous monarch. May she rest in peace.

Bennett Goodyer - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-10 12:32:10

For my entire life she was my Queen. Although she had very little direct involvement in governing this country, it was comforting to have the feeling the Queen was there, watching.
I believe she did her best to try and make our world a bit of a better place.

Long live the Queen.

Andrew - Alcomdale, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:31:48

With sincere sympathy to His Majesty The King and his family.

Myrna - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:31:41

Ostensibly I saw the Queen in Windsor in 1984 when I was under a year old. Obviously zero memory of the event, but all the same, it is good to know I once saw her. RIP your Majesty. Deepest sympathies to the family.

Michael - Verdun, QC
2022-09-10 12:31:31

Sincères condoléances à la famille royale pour le décès de la reine Élisabeth II.

Régis - Montmagny, Québec
2022-09-10 12:31:30

J’offre mes condoléances à la famille royale

Alexandre Vézina - Candiac, Québec
2022-09-10 12:31:26

A privilege & honour to have lived through the reign of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, a truly remarkable & unique woman & world leader. She will be missed.

Robert - Abbotsford BC
2022-09-10 12:31:22

We express our deepest condolences to the His Majesty the King and the Royal Family at the passing of Queen Elizabeth. She was a paragon of service and devotion, and will be sorely missed.

Rob/Valerie - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:31:21

Your years of servitude and grace will forever be remembered, rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Graeme - Athabasca, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:31:01

My sincere condolences to all members of the Royal family on the passing of their beloved mother, grandmother & great grandmother. British born myself & she has been Queen my entire life. RIP Elizabeth R.

Karina - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-10 12:30:59

My late mother, Molly, would so wholeheartedly join me in expressing our condolences at this time.

David - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:30:53

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll was faithful and loyal to her calling. She served with grace and truth for 70 years. She will be sadly missed. I will remember her with love. She was my Queen.

Joan+ - Calgary, AB
2022-09-10 12:30:49

The passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has shaken the world however, her wisdom and love will always remain with us to cherish.

On behalf of my congregation at Masjid Rahmatul-lil-Aalameen, I express my sincere condolences to King Charles III and all honourable members of the Royal Family.

God save the King!

Imam Ibrahim Hussain - Mississauga
2022-09-10 12:30:28

She led a very long devoted life. I was nine when she became Queen
and have followed her journey throughout . I have gathered so much memorable pieces of her life, it is so sad to now have her gone from our lives. RIP your Majesty.

Iris - Parksville, B.C.
2022-09-10 12:30:25

Sincerest condolences on the loss of Our Queen, Elizabeth II. To her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family and friends we all grieve with you on such a loss. Reunited with her Prince Phillip now, may she always rest in peace. You are all in our hearts.

Mary Alexander - Grand Valley Ontario Canada
2022-09-10 12:29:59

Thank you.

Garth - Sooke British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:29:44

Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II. We love you and miss you dearly. You always be in our heart.

Andy Kurniawan - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-10 12:29:18

She will always be History's Greatest Queen. Ruling with a Wisdom that can only accompany a Mother's Love for All.

Ken - Mooretown, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:29:16

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the Death of Her Majesty, the Queen. She always made me think of my grandmother, who passed when I was a young girl. My dear Mom, who now suffers from dimentia, had the highest respect for Her Majesty, and most of my memories are of watching Her On tv. I would like to thank her for her service. I wish a long and peaceful reign for His Majesty, King Charles III.

Isabell - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:29:03

May you rest in peace.

Christine Shortt - Etobicoke, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:28:59

Deepest sympathies to the royal families

Jennifer - Truro, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:28:52

You lead a long and glorious life, and were a shining example of what is good in this world. Rest In Peace.

Wayne - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:28:51

The only bright beam in the darkness of all these caricatures of the world "political leaders". Really the end of an era....

Vadimas - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:28:49

Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. Her Majesty will be deeply missed by all. The Queen was a brilliant woman and so full of grace. I am so sorry that she has left us.

Jane - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-10 12:28:48

Thank you for always being a compassionate and caring human regardless of your title
You will be sadly missed and forever remembered in my heart

Renee - Sault Sté Marie, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:28:44

I was introduced to Queen Elizabeth II by my grandmother as a little girl. She spoke like her, and served tea in favourite teapots. My grandmother passed in 06 at 100 yrs. Her grace and mannerisms were like Her Majesty's. Nanny dressed in the same style. Christmas mornings we sat around the TV to listen to her message. Losing a Mom is difficult, but what gratitude having her in your lives all these years. She is with her husband and family now-Corgi's too; Susan leading the way!

Lisa - St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-10 12:28:38

Une grande dame nous quitte. Après des décennies passées à servir les siens, le temps du repos est maintenant venu.

Votre prince vous attend, Majesté, pour une vie nouvelle. Jamais nous n’oublierons votre travail et dévouement accompli sur Terre. Reposez en paix.

Sarah - L’île-Bizard, Québec
2022-09-10 12:28:15

My sincerest condolences for the Crown Family and Peoples of The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms. You have my deepest sympathy and unwavering support. My heart goes out to you for the loss of Our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II (Alexandra Mary). Wishing you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow. My heart goes out to you all at this difficult time.
Long Live The King!!!

Warrant Officer Darren Louis Ulrich, CD - Chilliwack, BC
2022-09-10 12:28:15

Rest In Peace You We’re A Remarkable Women I am sure Prince Phillip was happy to see you

Delores - Paradise NL
2022-09-10 12:28:05

His leadership in crucial episodes of contemporary history will occupy a unique place in the memory of humanity. We accompany the Royal Family and the British people in this time of mourning

Alexander - colombia
2022-09-10 12:28:01

Rest in peace you were a lady through and through thank you for setting that example for us all x Tracy, Alyssa and Brody Hay x

Tracy Lee Hay - Lanzarote Spain
2022-09-10 12:27:55

Ton règne a été caractérisé par la paix et l'unité.
Repose en paix Sa Majesté !

David - Congo-Kinshasa
2022-09-10 12:27:41

I was deeply saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth , such a kind,
gracious and inspirational constant throughout my life.
My heartfelt condolences go to His Majesty King Charles lll, and to the entire Royal Family.
God bless you all.

Barbara - Oshawa, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:27:34

My heart broke at the news of the passing of our DEAR Queen Elizabeth II - my parents were both born in 1926 and they ADORED her immensely. We just lost my parents as well (Dad - Feb. 14, 2021) and (Mom - Feb. 2, 2022) - GOD SAVE THE KING!!

Dagne - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:27:31

A true lady and shining light of stability, dignity, duty and honor. A Grandmother to the world, who rippled out kindness who was a radiant example of how to be a leader who exemplified love of country, family and faith. I grew up with her like many, often feeling oddly connected to a woman, I saw once through a car window briefly in Albert Bridge, NS as Her Majesty visited Louisbourg. Her legacy will ripple through time. RIP.

Natalie O'Connor - Millville, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:27:21

Raised in Ontario, Canada I was 10 years old in 1952. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been my Queen these past 70 years . My sincere condolences to the Royal family at this time.

Luella Rose - Lacombe, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:27:18

Sincere sympathy in the loss of an amazing woman “QUEEN ELIZABETH” Rest In Peace.

Pearl & Graham Black - Black Diamond, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:27:03

Go well

Steven - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:26:48

Mes sincères condoléances à toute la famille de Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth 11. J'ai toujours apprécié son usage de la langue française lors de ses visites au Canada.

Richard - Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec
2022-09-10 12:26:44

It was with great sadness when I heard the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. She gave her whole adult life to service of her country and the Commonwealth. She will be missed. My condolences to all the Royal family in their time of sorrow. May her Majesty Rest In Peace.

Sherry - Keremeos, BC
2022-09-10 12:26:28

I love her! Thank her for her service!

Allan Fryer - Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-10 12:26:22

Rest In Peace...

Christina (Tina) Makar - Saanichton, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:26:16

I'm so heartbroken to hear the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. My thoughts go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Salanieta - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:26:10

Buckingham palace to the mansion in Heaven,
is your journey of love and compassion.
A diamond, crowned with diamonds.
A beacon of light,
now added to the beams of heaven.
You carried the burden of your vast Kingdom;
Now cradled by the King of all Kings.
Your Mission accomplished,
your legacy established.
Rest in Peace Your Majesty,
Rest in Peace.

Angelina Thanjaratnam - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:26:07

My deepest heartfelt condolences  RIP Queen Elizabeth II. As a child my grandparents being British taught me huge respects and a great interest in the Royal family. Thank you Queen for giving all of such a constant figure to count on, for all if not most of our lives.

Margaret - Selkirk,Mb
2022-09-10 12:26:05

A life time of service. Such stability always. So grateful. Words cannot express the appreciation and loss felt. God Bless the Queen.

Barb Bradley - Portage la Prairie Manitoba
2022-09-10 12:25:49

Good Bless the Queen forever and may she Rest In Peace with those who have already passed and are in the arms of God and heaven.

Beata K - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:25:47

Deepest Condolences for the loss of our Queen. We thank you for your life of devoted service to your subjects.

Dennis and Jan - Kelowna BC
2022-09-10 12:25:25

Her Majesty! Our sincerest condolences to the Royal family and also to the Commonwealth countries. Her passing symbolizes stability and great inspiration to the whole nation. She left the world a transient of hope, genuine meaning of dedication, a dignified and decent values of both her private and public life. Thank you for everything you’ve done to all your people. Rest Peacefully Our Dear Queen Elizabeth II in the arms of the Lord.

Bev - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-10 12:25:17

Rest In Peace your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The modern Era Monarch, the last Queen for centuries. God save the Queen

Tyonna T - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:25:15

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be greatly missed. She was our one constant in a shifting world, a role model extraordinaire.

Nancy - Bowmanville, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:25:11

rest in peace queen you will never be forgoten

gerry - kingston ontario canada
2022-09-10 12:25:11

You will be forever remembered in our hearts and sorely missed by the world. May you rest in peace after your long and faithful service.

Una and David - Winnipeg, Manitoba (via Glasgow, Scotland)
2022-09-10 12:25:10

Your Majesty,
Thank you for your 70 years of dedicated reign over us. Your grace, kindness, and fine sense of humour will always be remembered.
We will always be grateful to you for your gifts so generously given. I shall especially miss you on Christmas Day, as your message was the centre of it. Rest in Peace, very special Lady.

Myrna Emilja - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:25:10

My condolences to Her Majesty's family. Queen Elizabeth II is unequaled in our history as a steadfast, wise and kind monarch. My heart is broken with her passing but may she live on in her example of a life well led. May she be reunited with all her family who have gone before her and may she rest in eternal peace in the loving arms of Jesus.

Gregg - Calgarian but living in U.S.
2022-09-10 12:24:58

May we all find strength and peace in our beloved memories of you, our Queen ..

Irene M. Horan - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:24:46

Rest in Peace. Your Majesty

Ken McDonald - Toronto, ON
2022-09-10 12:24:41

Sending my heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family. The whole world will miss you Your Majesty. Love and God Bless

Christa - Red Deer Alberta
2022-09-10 12:24:32

A tremendous loss.

Sherri - Williams Lake, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:24:22

My sincere condolences to King Charles III and family. Queen Elizabeth was gracious, elegant and sincere in her words. A true inspiration to everyone who knew her.

Corinne - Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador CANADA
2022-09-10 12:24:18

I never met/saw Her Majesty in person, but my mom did once in Vancouver when she was very little... she attended a parade in Her Hajesty's honor and fell and scraped her knee, the queen heard her crying and actually stopped to see if she was okay. My mom had a terrible childhood, but this was always one of her favorite memories that she cherished. I only whish I could have met her to thank her for her kindness to my mother and the memory she gave her of kindness in a dark part of her life.

Kristina Bremnes - Duncan British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:24:03

Sending my condolences to the entire Royal family and missing the Queen that almost 3 generations haven’t known a world without.

Dawson - New Brunswick
2022-09-10 12:23:58

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been a quintessential steadfast symbol of civilization throughout the world. Heartfelt thanks for this extraordinary service.

Yverick - Waterloo, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:23:51

You set a standard filled with grace and love and I thank you for your strength and unwavering loyalty to your people. My condolences to your family. May you Rest In Peace.

Thelma - North Vancouver
2022-09-10 12:23:43

Rest in Peace you lovely lady. You will be greatly missed.

Paula - Ocala, Florida
2022-09-10 12:23:38

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Our dear Queen Elizabeth II lived a life of such grace, dignity and unwavering dedication to her country and the Commonwealth, with love for her family and a delightful sense of humour. She will be missed and we will treasure our memories of her.

God save King Charles III.

Megan - Milton, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:22:55

Your soul will forever live on in the lives of those you touched. Your graceful presence will never fade. Our Queen but most of all a grandmother and mother. God bless the entire royal family through this time. The world is with you. Thank you for your service. It was an honor to have you. Xox

Ariel - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:22:53

Rest in peace, dear, much loved Queen, mother and grandmother.

Marie - Pefferlaw, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:22:39

You visited our community in 1970 and it is still remembered and talked about. Thank you for the person you were.

Tom - Thompson, Manitoba
2022-09-10 12:22:39


Ernie Carroll - New Brunswick RI
2022-09-10 12:22:33

Thank you for your wisdom, grace, and humility shown throughout your 70 years as our Queen. You faced pain and adversity with dignity and insight, setting an example for world leaders, and inspiring the hearts of your subjects. Your guidance and commitment to your duties was exemplary. May you now rejoin your husband with fair seas and following winds as God grants you Rest In Peace. God Rest the Queen. Long live the King.

Sue Lambert - The Pas, Manitoba, Canada
2022-09-10 12:22:32

We are all very sad to have lost our wonderful Queen. Her service and grace are so very admirable, something I hope to emulate and pass on to any children in my life.

Ann - Canada
2022-09-10 12:22:30

You were a great queen and I truly appreciate your service to Canada and its youth.

Hanyang - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:22:07

My sincere condolences to the King and Royal family on the loss of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a magnificent Queen of Canada and will be missed.

William - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:21:57

My family and I wish to extend our condolences to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's family. I was born in Canada and also have British citizenship as my father was born in Barrow-in-Furness near the lake district and grew up there before immigrating to Canada. The Queen, may she rest in peace, epitomizes grace, duty and is, to me, a matriarch role model for all ages. Heartfelt condolences.

Christine - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2022-09-10 12:21:46

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, you have been an inspiration to us all. You have now reunited with your beloved husband Phillip. I too want to go to Heaven when I die and finally be able to meet you in person and share a sandwich with Paddington.
Rest In Peace your Majesty.

Jean-Yves - Sainte-Marie, Quebec
2022-09-10 12:21:06

Mes sincères condoléances à la famille Royale et aux habitants de l'Angleterre, Grande Bretagne et les autres territoires, nations qui font parties du Commun wealth.

Diane Légaré - Montréal,QC
2022-09-10 12:21:06

Queen Elizabeth II - I thank you for your 70 years of service, I have been very proud to be Canadian and knowing that you were my Queen. I was in awe of such royalty and beauty and kindness, such sadness I feel that a wonderful Queen and lady will no longer be on the throne but knowing that you are again with Prince Philip and the rest of your family that have passed gives me peace, you are with your angels again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Suzanne - Kamloops, BC
2022-09-10 12:20:48

She ruined the history of some countries

Anonymous - Anonymous
2022-09-10 12:20:43

A much admired Queen who devoted her entire life to doing her duty. Rest In Peace. God save the King.

Judith FINDLAY & Lou Scherlowski - Sarnia Ontario Canada
2022-09-10 12:20:23

The nation is grieving for the loss of an exceptional queen. Thank you for your service, you will be surely missed. May Our God Almighty provide strength to the family during this difficult time.

Angelyn - Edmonton Alberta
2022-09-10 12:20:13

Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth.

Irene - Halifax Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:19:57

Our Queen Elizabeth ll is highly honored by people all over the world for her dedication servicing her country and others.

Eileen - BC
2022-09-10 12:19:48

Sending our sincerest of condolences in Honor of Our Queen, to all of her family. She was truly an Icon like no other. We will miss her presence. We wish our New King the best.

Barry and Joanne Elliott - Carievale, Saskatchewan
2022-09-10 12:19:25

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for being true and steadfast to your calling, and my deepest sympathies to your family.

Shirley - S .B. P. Ontario
2022-09-10 12:19:12

RIP May you run free now. Condolences to the Royal family my heart is with you all. 

Holly Jakubowski - Fort Saskatchewan Alberta
2022-09-10 12:19:07

Her Majesty upheld the symbolic weight of centuries of British culture and traditions for all the realms and dominions; a beacon of light in times of darkness. May God receive HM warmly.

Sebastien - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:19:03

Thank you for your years of service and dedication.

Stephen - Toronto
2022-09-10 12:18:55

May God bless Queen Elizabeth II and her family. She was a symbol of strength and pure dedication to her role as both Monarch and mother,grandmother and great grandmother. I am saddened by your passing but honored to have met you in 1984 at the opening of Science North in Sudbury, Ontario. Long live King Charles III, but let us always remember your life !

Danielle - Fort McMurray, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:18:40

My name is Matteo and I am eleven years old. I am very sorry for the loss of Queen Elizabeth as she meant a lot to everyone.

Matteo - Elmsdale, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:18:40

C'est avec le cœur rempli d'émotion que mes mots se bousculent, pour exprimer ma profonde tristesse, à la suite du décès d'Élisabeth II, souveraine du Canada. J'avais une très grande affection pour la reine, ce personnage d'envergure mondiale qui a su inspirer ma vie par son dévouement, empreint d'humour et de sincérité. Son règne exceptionnel aura transcendé les époques et c'est avec gratitude que je la remercie. Farewell Ma'am.

François Dufault - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-10 12:18:34

God bless the Queen, I am proud to have served Your Highness. Long love the King.

David - Delta, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:18:23

my queen for all but three years - thank you

nigel - honduras
2022-09-10 12:18:22

Your sweet smile, love and joy will be missed. A true queen at heart. Thank You for your life long service. The only Queen I have ever known. Your legacy will live on. Rest In Peace.

Cynthia Dimokopoulos - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:18:19

Rest peacefully our beautiful Queen. Your presence, elegant smile and dedication to duty will be sadly missed. You have earned your peace and privacy.

Paula - Newfoundland
2022-09-10 12:18:07

je suis triste de ton départ tu étais une reine formidables et aimante je t'aime énormément ma reine j'espère ton âmes va reposer en paix je suis fière d'être un canadien je t'aime

michee dumond - Montréal
2022-09-10 12:17:54

I am deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth. One of the first and strongest women I know.
Her diligence, self sacrificing reign, her love for all the commonwealth countries and her steadfast fairness for all. This is my Queen, u will never be forgotten xo 

Nancy Edwards - Barrie/Ontario
2022-09-10 12:17:49

My condolences to the Royal Family, may the Queen rest in peace. She was a great and fascinating woman. She will be missed by all.

Michelle - Vernon, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:17:42

tout nos regrets d la aprt des ancienne colonies d Afrique

shado - winnipeg
2022-09-10 12:17:37

Thank you for the gift of your life-long service. May you rest in peace.

Patricia - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-10 12:17:34

My condolences to The Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II. You were truly and inspiration to me growing up and provided me with the means and opportunities to become a Canadian and to become a contributing member of society. You will be dearly missed. May you Rest In Peace. Long live the queen.

Dau - Vancouver
2022-09-10 12:17:25

The true role model of work ethic, grace and commitment. The loss of our Queen is felt deeply. May she find eternal peace and be reunited with her loved ones.

Katrina - Chilliwack, BC
2022-09-10 12:17:19

A great Era has passed of a wonderful and kind sovereign. My deepest condolences. Rest in peace. God save the King.

Allan Chong - Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-10 12:16:56

Sending my deepest sympathy to all of The Royal Family today, covering you all in prayer,

Tammy Norman - Little Bay, Newfoundland
2022-09-10 12:16:37

The late Queen has been part of my life for the past 88 years. I recall her as a teen-age princess, a subaltern in the ATS and spoke to her as Queen at an event at Windsor Castle. I also served as one of her soldiers. She is sorely missed. God save the King.

Kenneth - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:16:36

Our deepest condolences and prayers to our beloved Queen Elizabeth II,

Bernadeth - Philippines
2022-09-10 12:16:16

My family and I are deeply saddened by the loss of Her Majesty, our Queen. She was the most constant, positive force in our lives. My sincere condolences to all the Royal Family. We are fully behind King Charles III. He is a great man, and he will make a great king. Long live the King!

David - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:16:12

"Condoléance"from our Family to yours, Elizabeth II, was a good head of state leading by example. RIP May she be remembered and emulated by her successors.

Denis - Prince George, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:16:11

My deepest condolences to all the family. Queen Elizabeth ll always was a Beacon of hope and civility in the craziness of the world. May she Rest In Peace.

Cheryl - Cochrane, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:15:50

I still can't believe she's gone! My thoughts and prayers are with all of the royal family. She has been my Queen all my life and I always looked forward to seeing her in all her beautiful dresses and coats and hats of many colors. Christmas won't be the same without her. Nothing will be the same without her.
But now she is with her Prince and may she rest in peace.
With all my love and respect,
Darlene Clark

Darlene - London, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:15:37

You are much admired and will be remembered for your amazing life long contributions across the world.

Janice - Surrey British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:15:28

to the family so sorry for your loss
she was a wonderful lady and we will miss her
my you RIP queen Elizabeth 11

jackie - keremeos bc canada
2022-09-10 12:15:22

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I've admired Queen Elizabeth II all my life.

Sandra - Stayner Ontario
2022-09-10 12:15:17

Our heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family, our thoughts and prayers are with you all. To my Queen, you were much beloved by me and my family. From you days as a Princess, volunteering in the second World War, in which my father proudly served, to your unwavering service to your people, you were an inspiration to the world.
As an ex-pat from Liverpool, I can honestly say Canada loves you just as much as Britain!
God Bless!
Rest In Peace!

Lily - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:15:17

Mes sincères condoléances à la famille royale.

Lilianne - Gatineau, Québec
2022-09-10 12:15:02

Sympathy to the royal family. May you all experience God's
peace and rejoice knowing that the Queen is with Him.
God bless.

carole - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:14:55

I am so sorry for your loss, my family sends their thoughts and prayers.
I promise it will get better

lynne - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:14:51

A warm, from the heart thank you to an amazing lady who has been part of my life for 83 years. I will miss you.

Merle - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:14:47

Rest well in peace, your majesty. Amount of duties you've carried out through the decades make up for centuries. Accept my regards and fielty.

Ankitkumar - Brantford, ON.
2022-09-10 12:14:46

My deepest sympathy to King Charles III and family,Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth your legacy will remember forever,will be missing you

Maria Socorro Lumagui - Edmonton ,Alberta Canada
2022-09-10 12:14:46

With Deepest Sympathy

William - Conception Bay South, NL.
2022-09-10 12:14:30

Rest In Peace

Sarah Moncur - London, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:13:57

forever you will be my Queen and inspiration to do what is right and honorable. rest now as we know you have never been able to do your entire life as been for others

Terry - Vancouver,BC
2022-09-10 12:13:54

First my prayers and condolences to the royals and all those close to her.
Also sending prayers on behalf of my mother and Nanny they both adored and admired you.
You were bigger then life and an inspiration they came here just after WWll you were a huge part of their lives and in turn a part of mine for all of it.
I miss them terribly and l now already miss you.
You will forever be adored and forever immortal. Godspeed my Queen.

Stephen - Ontario
2022-09-10 12:13:45

Au nom de mon pere vétéran décédé recemment, je tiens a faire en sa memoire les condoléances de sa part et la mienne pour la reine qui c'est éteinte tristement avec souvenir.

Vincent Raby - Beloeil, Quebec
2022-09-10 12:13:08

A life well lived, an example for all. Rest in peace.

Karen & Dirk - Thunder Bay Ontario
2022-09-10 12:13:07

May the soul of the departed rest in peace until she rises alongside Christ in His glory. A great Queen. You will be missed.

Stefan Nichol - London, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:12:59

I served God, Country and my Queen for 26 years in the military. RIP.

Ronald - North Lancaster, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:12:51

May her soul Rest In Peace. She was a symbol of our glorious past

Umair - Mississauga
2022-09-10 12:12:48

Thank you for service & may you now Rest In Peace. Sending my condolences to your loved ones.

Zed - New Westminster BC
2022-09-10 12:12:40

Rest In Peace your majesty.

Darlene - Victoria, BC
2022-09-10 12:12:35

To the only Monarch I have ever known. Long live the Queen.

Cameron Mallette - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-10 12:12:27

The Queen reminded me so very much of my own Nana... as she, like Queen Elizabeth, held herself high with so much love for her Country. You will be missed and always remain in the hearts of the World. Rest in Peace 

Brandi - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:12:27

May all the members of the Royal family, as well as those who were close to the Queen find solace in the memories of a truly incredible woman.

Jeff - Sudbury, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:12:15

C’est vraiment triste d’apprendre cette terrible nouvelle. Toutes mes condoléances pour la mort de la Reine.

Mutapha - Maroc
2022-09-10 12:12:15

So very sorry for the lost our Queen. She will always be remembered for her outstanding service and devotion to the job of being Queen To the royal family I am sorry for the loss of your dear mother, grandmother and great grandmother

Tessa - Richmond BC
2022-09-10 12:12:13

Sincères condoléances à la famille Royale pour le décès de Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II.

Réal - Gatineau (Hull), Québec
2022-09-10 12:12:12

My deepest condolences in the passing of our country matriarch and beloved Queen. May you rest in peace.

Cyril - North Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
2022-09-10 12:12:03


2022-09-10 12:11:58

May you rest in peace. Thankyou for your 70 years of service. There will be no other like you

Rhonda - london, ontario Canada
2022-09-10 12:11:56

My heartfelt condolences to King Charles III and the Royal Family on the loss of your Mother and Grandmother. What a legacy of love of family, devotion to duty, and steadfast service.

Sheryl - Abbotsford, British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:11:45

Thank you for your service. You will be missed

Bridget - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:11:44

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to your role as queen. We are a better country for being under your leadership. And thank you for bring the commonwealth together.

Joanne - St. Albert, AB
2022-09-10 12:11:40

My condolences.

Ian - Yellowknife, NT
2022-09-10 12:11:37

Please accept my condolences, your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Michael - London, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:11:20

The Queen will be missed by so many. My hearfelt thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family . My deepest condolences. May she rest in peace with the angels. GOD BLESS 

Lynne - Etobicoke Ontario
2022-09-10 12:11:14

My sincerest condolences to the Royal family. God guide and bless King Charles III.

Wanda - Belleville, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:11:12

Deepest condolences to her family and friends. It seemed our glorious Queen would be with us forever. What a shock to lose her. Thank you for your service and have a good time in heaven.

Tamara - Warman, Saskatchewan
2022-09-10 12:11:10

Deepest condolences to the family. I grew up with you being my Queen.

Judith - North Lancaster, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:11:05

Sending our deepest condolences to our friends in the United Kingdom. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth represented stability, through decades of challenges for her Kingdom. She will be sorely missed. We wish the very best for his Majesty King Charles III and the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Aboud - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:10:41

Sincere condolences to the family in the loss of their Mum, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Also to UK. She was the best Queen ever. I saw her when I was 4 in 1959 when she cane to Hamilton ONTARIO
In elementary school we sang God Save The Queen and the Union Jack flew on our flagpoles
The Queen will definitely be missed so sorry

Patricia - Dunnville ONTARIO
2022-09-10 12:10:14

A great lady who worked to make the world a better place, you will be missed, rest in peace with your beloved Philip

Dan - Durham, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:10:11

Our deepest condolences to the Queen and her family, may she rest in peace.

Connor - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-10 12:10:06

Queen Elizabeth was loved in my home my grandmother and mother were born in England and I grew up admiring the monarchy watching their lives unfold from afar, celebrating life events and mourning loss along with them.
The Queen demonstrated amazing grace, intellect and strength holding a powerful position in the world for 70 years she will be greatly missed.

Tara Garvin - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-10 12:09:59

Im honoured to have been witness to the longest serving monarch, and the only female i will witness being queen for several generations. I send my support and care to all who grieve for her loss. Its a sad moment in history.

Kama - Surry bc canada
2022-09-10 12:09:57

Please accept my deepest condolences for you and your family's loss, Her Majesty performed her duty with humility, integrity & Humor. Wishing you strength & comfort during this difficult time.
My parents & relatives were all born in England so we heard many stories of Queen Elizabeth 11 and her family.

Bette (Davis)Mousseau - Toronto, Ontario Canada
2022-09-10 12:09:55

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. We would like to convey our most heartfelt sympathies to the Royal Family. Edison Heba - Honorary Consul of Albania in BC

Edison Heba - British Columbia
2022-09-10 12:09:54

It was sad day for us to receive a bad news about our majesty the queen Elizabeth 2 she was so nice and helpful for all world we miss you and long life for our king

Guermaz - Toronto
2022-09-10 12:09:08

Our condolences to the Royal family in the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She led the monarchy with dignity and grace not seen in any other world leaders. The world could learn to live by her influence.

Helen - Swift Current, Saskatchewan
2022-09-10 12:08:51

My heart felt condolences to HRH King Charles III & The Royal Family. You are in our prayers.
God Save the Queen!!
RIP HRH Queen Elizabeth II

The Verrette Family

Char - Belleville Ontario
2022-09-10 12:08:46

Will miss your smile. You have earned a rest with the angels.

Judith - Airdrie,AB
2022-09-10 12:08:22

I send my heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I always admired the Queen's quiet strength and connected to her through her love of animals. I especially recall her love of Burmese, a mare presented to the Queen by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1969. May she rest in peace with Prince Philip, Queen Mother, King George, and all the animals who gave her such joy in life.

Anna Maria Husband - Tll.aal Haida Gwaii BC
2022-09-10 12:08:12

Heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen was such a classy lady, always dressed to perfection. May she Rest In Peace.

Melanie - Calgary, Alberta.
2022-09-10 12:08:07

Thank you your Majesty. We will miss you.

James - Toronto
2022-09-10 12:08:06

My heartfelt sympathy to all of Elizabeth’s family. Thank you for sharing her life with us. We were all blessed. Carry on!

Donna - Aurora, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:08:01

My deepest sympathy to the Royal family.

Ursula - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-10 12:07:38


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