Summary of the grouped evaluation of Sport Canada Programs 2015-16 to 2019-20

Evaluation Services Directorate
October 25, 2021

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Summary of the grouped evaluation of Sport Canada Programs 2015-16 to 2019-20 [PDF version - 448 KB]

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Athlete Assistance program
Evaluation Services Directorate
GBA Plus
Gender-based analysis plus
Hosting Program
International Single Sport Events
Department of Canadian Heritage
Sport Canada
Sport Support Program


The Sport Canada (SC) Programs within the Department of Canadian Heritage (PCH) focus on participation and excelling in sport by providing financial support to sport organizations, athletes and coaches through:

Grants and Contributions

The 3 programs provided $1.06 billion in funding over 5 years (an average of $220.7 million per year).

SC grants and contributions, as well as their totals for each SC program and for each fiscal year during the evaluation period, in millions of dollars
Program 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 Total
AAP 27.7 28.0 33.0 32.1 31.4 152.2
HP 30.5 23.2 19.8 25.7 19.6 118.8
SSP 148.9 146.9 154.0 156.9 180.0 786.7
Total 207.1 198.1 206.8 214.7 231.0 1,057.7




Overall, SC programming is achieving or contributing to most of its expected results. However, there are gaps in programming performance measurement that may impact the availability of clear data and reporting on all expected results.

Supporting Sport

Through funding and other activities, the SSP contributes to providing Canadians with access to quality sport programming and services. SC devotes relatively little funding to promoting sport participation at the grassroots level.

Percentage of National Sport Organizations (NSOs) that said SSP funding was very important for:

Hosting sporting events in Canada

Through HP, high-performance athletes have increase opportunities to compete in sport events in Canada, whereas under-represented groups, including Indigenous athletes, could benefit from an increase.

Percentage of NSOs that indicated that HP contributes to a great extent to participating in events for:

Supporting high-performance athletes

Through targeted funding supports, AAP helps Canadian athletes achieve higher levels of performance. New funding over the evaluation period has helped to alleviate the financial pressures. However, athletes continue to face financial pressures that could affect their ability to compete.





The evaluation recommends that the Assistant Deputy Minister, Sport, Major Events and Commemorations:

  1. Build upon the findings of this evaluation to develop an overall vision and clear roles and priorities.
  2. Build upon the findings of this evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the Next Generation Initiative.
  3. Update the Sport Canada logic model and performance measurement framework, and develop a methodology for gathering and reporting program results annually.

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