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Transcript of Employee-led Innovation

Video length: 00:00:41

This is a bilingual video, the narration is in both English and French.

[Various Canadian Heritage employees talking to the camera]

[Text on screen: Les projets d’innovation des employés]

[Text on screen: Employee-led Innovation]

Tim O’Malley: “Employee-led innovation. An amazing experience.”

Dorota Ptaszynski (translated from French to English): “The other thing I’m very proud of is that it really allowed me to use my leadership skills. So we were responsible for our choices and decisions. We are really proud of the final product.”

Josée Millette (translated from French to English): “Even at my level, I was able to have an impact on the EXs performance agreements.”

Irene-Ann Lacroix: “And I really enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the Department.”

Mélanie Larabie (translated from French to English): “It developed great team spirit and brought team members closer together. It fostered a lot of cohesion.”

Dominic Dallaire (translated from French to English): “I realized that it was possible to work on cool projects and work for the federal government.”

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