Video - The May 2016 All-Staff


Transcript of The May 2016 All-Staff

This is a bilingual video, the narration is in both English and French. Only Laura Chattopadhyay is speaking during the video.

[Laura Chattopadhyay is speaking in front of the camera while walking]

“Hello! My name is Laura and I am an employee with Canadian Heritage. Today, I would like to talk to you about the all-staff meeting that was held in May 2016.

“That was hosted by our deputy ministers, Patrick Borbey and Graham Flack. Now, what happened at this town hall meeting?

“Well, a lot of things. First of all, we could send text messages anonymously to pose our questions to the Deputy Ministers, who answered on the spot or later on GCconnex.

“What else happened at this town meeting? Well, many things that the employees appreciated. Such as what? First of all: transparency. Second of all: the invitation. Third of all: the idea. What a great thing to all get together to discuss, what? Innovation, future, issues within the workplace, how happy we are in the workplace.

“So, what things were maybe not appreciated so much?

“Well, of course, there were technical issues. That’s gonna happen! And hopefully next year, it’s not gonna happen.

“It was very much appreciated that we could all get together because we want to discuss things that will happen in the future, that is, innovation. What affects us, what are we concerned about? Well, remember that the Department is known for its flexibility, openness and modernity. It is very important to the Department. So, I hope to see you next year.

“I really hope that next year, you’re going to join us again for the town hall and thank you again for inviting me to share what was said with all the employees.

“Thank you.”

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