Video - New Collaboration Space at PCH


Transcript of New Collaboration Space at PCH

No narration during the video.

Music is playing during the video.

[Text on screen: Collaboration Space@PCH 4th Floor – Gatineau]

[Video montage of various shots of the collaboration space at PCH located on the 4th floor of Terrasses de la Chaudière building in Gatineau]

[Automatic front door opening on the Collaboration Space with a Wi-Fi icon on it. A welcome note is painted on the wall behind the door]

[Panoramic shot of spaces for discussion, a treadmill furnished with a work station, boards, cubes to sit and a few chairs]

[Shot showing more closely the discussion spaces equipped with all tables and chairs divided by walls built using cubes]

[View of the painted welcome note on the column located at the entrance of the space]

[Text on screen: Many thanks to all of those that made it happen!

Active PCH

Blueprint 2020

HRWM, Corporate Security and Real Property Team

CIOB and the KCS team

PCH Internal Communications


Collaboration Space Working Group

Video produced by CIOB, April 2016]

[Canada wordmark]

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