Video - Official Languages Consultation in Quebec City


Transcript of Official Languages Consultation in Quebec City

[Barry McCullagh, standing in a room lined with bookshelves filled with books talking the camera]

Barry McCullagh, Executive Director of the Moira Centre: “Hi, my name is Barry McCullagh, I’m the Executive Director of the Moira Centre, and I participated in an official languages consultation in Quebec City.

“And it was hosted here at the Moira Centre and it was a fantastic opportunity for me and my peers to discuss important issues facing linguistic minority communities.

“We were able to have meaningful discussions with federal government representatives, who included the MP Randy Boissonnault, who is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, as well as our local MP Joël Lightbound. And it’s important I think to talk to the people who are on the ground in these communities doing the work and to sound them out to know what works and what maybe what could be improved.

“And I really felt that we were listened to and our opinions were taken very seriously and I think it’s important that these types of consultations continue, so we can see our official language communities continue to flourish across the country.”

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