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Hibo Abdilahi: “So, we recently launched a campaign here at PCH called “Take Me With You”. With this campaign, we’re encouraging executives to take employees to meetings that relate to their interests, files they’re working on, or their career development goals. We’re also encouraging employees to take part in this campaign and ask for opportunities to be taken to meetings. Today, I’m joining my DG for her management meeting.

Darlène de Gravina: “Well, Hibo, I’m really excited for you joining us today. I think it’s a great opportunity for staff to see things from a different perspective in the organization, different levels in the organization. You’ll also get a chance to see your work in action and, perhaps, also have a chance to reflect on your leadership goals.”

Hibo Abdilahi: “Looking forward to it.”

Darlène de Gravina: “Great, thanks.”

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