Video - Town hall question about bandwidth in the regions


Transcript of Town hall question about bandwidth in the regions

[A PCH member of senior management talking to the camera]

Élise Boisjoly: “Somebody asked about bandwidth in the regions. When are we going to have more bandwidth in the regions? We’ve done quite a lot of work on the bandwidth issue. As you know, this is managed by Shared Services Canada. So, the first thing we’ve done is we’ve doubled the bandwidth in the regions last year. We’ve also looked at managing the traffic.

There’s a… it’s like, you know, being on a highway; you’re trying to make sure that, you know, people are taking the right lane and the right traffic goes to the right place to improve the efficiency of the bandwidth. So that’s something that we’ve done. And we’ve also changed the old servers, which was slowing down the traffic.

So we’re monitoring actively the bandwidth and we’re trying to find solutions to increase it, while at the same time working with Shared Services Canada, who’s managing the bandwidth. So, yes, we are aware that bandwidth consumption is increasing and we need more bandwidth all the time. And we’re monitoring it and we’re trying to find solutions with SSC.”

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