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The Access to Information Act gives every Canadian citizen, permanent resident, individual or corporation present in Canada the right to request access to records that are under the control of federal government institutions.

The Privacy Act provides every Canadian citizen, permanent resident or individual present in Canada with a right of access to their personal information that is held by federal government institutions. It also protects against unauthorized disclosure of that personal information. In addition, it strictly controls how the federal government will collect, use, store, disclose and dispose of any personal information.

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About the Access to Information and Privacy Secretariat

The mandate of the Canadian Heritage Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Secretariat is to implement and administer the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act and to ensure that legislative and central agency policies and procedures are respected on behalf of the Department.

The ATIP Secretariat coordinates responses to requests for information held by Canadian Heritage by either sending copies of requested records to applicants or by arranging for applicants to review requested records onsite.

Make an access to information or privacy request

Learn how to make an access to information or privacy request by mail or online.

Completed access to information requests

Canadian Heritage posts a list of requests processed under the Access to Information Act every month on the website. The Canadian Heritage request summaries can be searched by year, month and subject.

The list may not include all requests for information that we received. Requests that primarily contain personal information of the original requester are not posted.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the records released in response to a request, you may use the link below the summary of interest or write to our Access to Information and Privacy Secretariat.

You may also search for access to information requests completed by other federal institutions.

The records will be disclosed as they were released originally including format and language(s). They will also include the exemptions and exclusions that were applied under the Access to Information Act.

Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) are used to identify the potential privacy risks of new or redesigned federal government programs or services. They also help eliminate or reduce those risks to an acceptable level.

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