PCH funding programs for Cultural Affairs (over $5M)

Unless specified otherwise, figures reflect planned spending figures for FY2019-2020 per the 2019-20 Departmental Plan adjusted for in-year top-ups through Budget Implementation Votes and Supplementary Estimates. Amounts exclude transfers to other government departments/organizations.

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Canada Periodical Fund $76.8M

Supports Canadian magazine and non-daily newspaper publishers; contributes to publishing activities (distribution, content creation, online activities, business development), business innovation, and industry-wide projects that aim to increase the overall sustainability of the industries.

Target recipients: For-profit publishers, not-for profit publishers and organizations

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Canadian readers, Canadian magazine and non-daily newspaper industries


Canada Arts Training Fund $22.8M

Contributes to the development of Canadian creators and future cultural leaders of the Canadian arts through support for training of artists; provides financial assistance to Canadian not-for-profit institutions that specialize in delivering focused, intensive and practice-based arts studies in disciplines such as dance, theatre, circus arts, visual arts and music (opera, orchestral); supports training in Indigenous and ethnocultural artistic practices.

Target recipients: Not-for-profit arts training institutions/organizations

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Canadian artists and creators, Canadian and international audiences


Harbourfront Centre Funding Program $12.5M

Provides operating funding to the Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), which creates cultural and artistic events and activities to enliven, educate and entertain the public

Target recipient: Harbourfront Corporation.

Ultimate beneficiaries include: the public (local residents and visitors)


TV5 $17.0M

Supports the international partnership with France, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Swizterland, Québec and Canada; enables international presentation of Canadian productions via TV5MONDE; provides access to diversity of programming from the international Francophonie

Target recipients: TV5 Québec Canada (not-for-profit); TV5MONDE (foreign corporation).

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Francophones and Francophiles in Canada and abroad.


Canada Media Fund $157.6M

Funded by the Government of Canada and cable, satellite distributors and Internet Protocol Television; supports the creation of digital content across multiple platforms (e.g., television, wireless devices, the Internet); focuses investments on the creation of content Canadians want, where and when they want it; supports Canadian television and digital media production companies, among others.

Target recipient: CMF corporation (not-for-profit)

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Canadians as consumers of convergent programs and creators of leading-edge content and applications; specific funding envelopes for Indigenous communities, official language minority communities and other diverse language groups


Canada Cultural Investment Fund $22.0M

Encourages private sector investment, partnership and sound business practices to help arts and heritage organizations; encourages private donations to endowment funds for professional arts organizations; supports projects involving multiple partners to improve organizations’ business practices and diversify revenues; encourages knowledge and resource sharing and strategic use of technologies; provides limited financial assistance in cases when a professional arts organization is facing closure, but it has a high degree of support for its continuation and a viable business/restructuring plan

Target recipients: Not-for-profit professional arts and heritage organizations; equivalent Indigenous peoples’ institutions or organizations (inc. Inuit, Métis, Status and Non-Status people); registered charitable foundations

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Communities served by professional arts and heritage organizations


Canada Cultural Spaces Fund $55.3M

Seeks to improve the physical conditions for arts and heritage-related creation, presentation, preservation and exhibition; aims to increase and improve Canadians’ access to performing arts, visual arts, media arts, and to museum collections and heritage exhibitions; supports infrastructure projects for professional, not-for-profit arts and heritage organizations as well as municipal and provincial/territorial governments and agencies with a mandate for arts and heritage, and equivalent Indigenous peoples’ organizations; supports access to new or improved arts and heritage spaces in all regions, including underserved communities

Target recipients: Not-for-profit organizations, other levels of government (provinces, territories and municipalities), Indigenous peoples’ organizations (First Nations, Inuit and Métis)

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Local communities


Canada Music Fund $36.9M

Supports the activities of Canadian music artists and entrepreneurs aimed at increasing the creation of and access to a diversity of Canadian music for audiences everywhere by enhancing the sector's ability to compete in domestic and international markets; contributes to Canadian music artists and entrepreneurs as well as for not-for-profit national service organizations in support of the creation, publishing, production, distribution or marketing of Canadian music, including touring-related activities, music showcases and business development activities; provides funding to Canadian not-for-profit organizations as well as music entrepreneurs in support of a diverse range of collective activities aiming to enhance the visibility and accessibility of Canadian music; supports the preservation of Canada's musical heritage for future generations

Target recipients: Not-for-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, individuals

Ultimate beneficiaries include: music artists, Canadian and international audiences


Canada Arts Presentation Fund $40.3M

Gives Canadians access to a variety of professional artistic experiences in their communities; provides financial assistance to Canadian not-for-profit organizations that professionally present arts festivals or performing arts series, as well as their support organizations; supports emerging presenters and presenter support organizations whose activities target underserved communities or artistic practices

Target recipients: Not-for-profit organizations, other levels of government (provinces, territories and municipalities), Indigenous peoples’ organizations (First Nations, Inuit and Métis)

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Local communities


*New* Digital Citizen Initiative $9.9M

Creative Export Canada $7M annually through 2022-2023

Supports projects that have the potential to generate export revenues and increase the international profile of Canadian works, whatever the platform or format; focuses on high-potential and innovative projects and encourages partnerships; part of the Creative Export Strategy delivered in partnership with Global Affairs Canada to maximize the export potential of Canadian creative industries

Target recipients: Not-for-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, Indigenous band councils, tribal councils, or other Indigenous governments or organizations (First Nations, Inuit or Métis)

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Canadian creative entrepreneurs, Canadian and international audiences


Total Export Funding $25M annually through 2022-2023

Canada Book Fund $41.2M

Supports Canadian book publishers and other sectors of the book industry to ensure access to a broad range of Canadian-authored books via contributions to production and marketing of Canadian-authored books and support to collective projects that benefit the industry and, ultimately, readers.

Target recipients: For-profit publishers, not-for-profit publishers and organizations

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Readers in Canada and abroad


*New* Local Journalism $10M

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