PCH funding programs for sports, major events and commemorations (over $5M)

Unless specified otherwise, figures reflect planned spending figures for FY2019-2020 per the 2019-20 Departmental Plan adjusted for in-year top-ups through Budget Implementation Votes and Supplementary Estimates. Amounts exclude transfers to other government departments/organizations.

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Athlete assistance program $33.0M

Contributes to the pursuit of excellence through its support for improved Canadian athlete performances at major international sporting events, enabling athletes to combine their sport and academic or working careers while training intensively in pursuit of world-class performances; Identifies and supports athletes already at or having the potential to be in the top sixteen in the world in their sport. Uses funding from the Grants to the Athlete Assistance transfer payment program.

Target recipients: Canadian high-performance athletes, identified by their National Sport Organizations, who have met the AAP requirements; post-secondary educational institutions on behalf of carded athletes; retired, previously carded, Canadian high performance athletes


Canada hosting program $23.4M

A key instrument in the Government of Canada's overall approach to sport development in Canada; aims to enhance the development of sport excellence and the international profile of sport organizations by providing assistance for the hosting of the Canada Games and international sport events in Canada; offers Canada-at-large a planned and coordinated approach to realizing direct and significant benefits, from bidding and hosting projects in the areas of sport development, economic, social, and cultural and community impacts, across a broad range of government priorities; uses funding from the Contributions for the Games' Hosting sub-program transfer payment

Target recipients: organizations that are incorporated as non-profit corporations under federal or provincial law, including eligible National Sport Organizations and Multisport Service Organizations, and organizations created for a specific bidding or hosting project

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Canadian athletes and coaches, Canadian public


Sport support program $177.1M

Primary funding vehicle for initiatives associated with the delivery of the Government of Canada's commitments to the Canadian Sport Policy; funding aimed at developing athletes and coaches at the highest international levels; providing sound technically-based sport programming for all athletes; increasing the number of Canadians from all segments of society involved in sport; and advancing Canadian interests and values in Canada and abroad. Uses funding from the Contributions for the Sport Support transfer payment program.

Target recipient: eligible organizations in support of programming that supports the goals of the Canadian Sport Policy, including national non-profits (national sport organizations, multi-sport service organizations, Canadian sport centres), provincial/territorial governments and their respective organizations (e.g., Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council), and other organizations (universities, colleges, government research councils, others doing research or delivering programs or pilot projects relevant to the Canadian Sport Policy); contributions are made with a particular focus on programs and services that have a direct impact on athletes, athlete development or that offer children and youth their first experience in sport.

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Canadian athletes and coaches, all Canadians


Celebration and commemoration $20.3M

Provides funding through grants and contributions to organizations for community-based activities celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day on June 24, Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27 and Canada Day on July 1; funding available for commemorations with a national scope that commemorate and celebrate nationally-significant historical figures, places, events, and accomplishments. The activities that are funded build pride and a feeling of belonging, promote participation in celebrations and commemorations and strengthen understanding of shared history.

Target recipient: Canadian not-for-profit organizations (corporations, cooperatives, unincorporated associations, etc.); Canadian business corporations for non-commercial projects; Canadian educational institutions, Canadian municipal governments, and other municipal, provincial or territorial institutions

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Canadian public


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