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Transcript of the PCH: Reintegrating to a secured work environment

Video length: 4:14 minutes

[Background Music]

Thanks a lot, Chantal.

So here I am. Oops, need to wash my hands.

There’s the station.

Make sure (I think the kids do that special song).

All right.

So I take a look where I’m going: 2 meters, stop signs, as you can see, elevators.

2 people, maximum.

Priority given to handicap or any kind of mobility issues, so it’s good to note that.

So I’m gonna walk towards my office, take a little detour when I get to the washroom, and the kitchen, to give you guys an idea of what it looks like here.

So, as you can see, we’re all wearing the mask, and we got that in a lovely kit offered by Canadian Heritage, which included a tactile pencil for photocopying and also pressing any buttons.

We arrive here at the washroom.

You can see that priority is given again to mobility: anyone with mobility issues, and you have to wait in line, two people maximum.

“How are you gonna know,” you ask. I knew you’d ask, so that’s why I said this:

You open up: “Hello, anybody in there?” Then you get a sense of how many people. You go or you wait; works out quite well.

All the signage is provided by Treasury Board, so it’s bright yellow; very helpful wherever we go.

So, as I walk to the kitchen, clearly indicated where the stop for the men’s washroom is, and the stop for the kitchen.

Always look for those yellow signs, which say: “Form a line. One person at a time.” You can tell right away if there’s a person in there, and you don’t go in.

Follow me again.

We’re now going to my office, and as you can see, all of these bars mean: “hold on a second”.

I do my pass, my tactile pencil, and I continue. 2 meters, reminding us of the social distancing, and you follow the arrows.

And I know, it’s not easy. You’ve been to a grocery store; sometimes you forget to look down. You get used to it.

So we can cut over this way.

I have two choices: to go either way. I continue where the arrows are.

The bright yellow really does help, because then you don’t get unnecessarily confused.

You continue to follow the arrows; everything’s really well indicated.

The idea here is that you feel safe: you feel like there are measures in place for you to work with.

You stop here: another sanitizer station, so if you need something for your office, if you need any type of Purell or disinfectant.

Follow again the arrows; and I continue.

There’s nothing like yellow to indicate where you’re going.

So we continue down the hallway.

Actually, I don’t ever walk this slowly; I would be speeding in a normal day, but today I’m walking a little more slowly.

When I get here, closer to my office, I take out my tactile pencil.

Just to give you guys a show that if I wanted to come and copy something, I’d simply press with my pencil.

That, by the way, is a gift from the Department.

And I still follow the arrows. I’m here in my office.

As you can see, there are X’s on certain chairs, and that means that I’m only allowed to have a certain amount of people.

In my boardroom, I have six spots; I only am allowed to have two people there.

This is what Les Terrasses looks like today.

Thank you.


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