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You have been hired for a job with Young Canada Works (YCW). Congratulations! What’s next? The following checklist will guide you through each step of the process.

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Before you start your job

  • Do you know which program of YCW is financing your job? If not, ask your employer.
  • Are you familiar with the objectives of YCW and, more specifically, with the objectives of the program in which you are participating?
  • Have you completed the Candidate Eligibility Form via your YCW online account?
  • Are you required to travel more than 125 km from your primary residence to your job? If so, talk to your employer or delivery organization about the possibility of reimbursement for your transportation costs.
  • Are you covered by medical insurance in case of illness or injury? If you are travelling to a different province/territory for your job, be sure to verify that your medical insurance will cover costs in your province/territory of work.
  • Have you asked your employer all the necessary questions (salary and benefits, hours of work, vacation, contract between you and your employer, etc.)?
  • Have you settled all details regarding lodging?
  • Will you be living in a safe, easily accessible area?

Laws and rights relating to your work

  • Have you asked a representative of your provincial or territorial labour bureau all the relevant questions pertaining to labour laws and/or your rights as an employee?
  • Did you know that you are subject to local laws?

As you begin your job

  • Have you carefully read the description of your job?
  • Are you fully aware of the salary agreement?
  • Have you signed the work contract confirming your acknowledgment and acceptance of your tasks and the proposed salary?
  • Have you kept a copy of the signed contract?
  • Have you completed the Staffing Report during the first week of work via your YCW online account?

During your job

  • Does your job correspond to the description provided by your employer?
  • Are you being paid according to the salary agreed upon, and in a timely fashion?
  • Have you discussed your concerns or problems with your employer, as applicable?
  • Have you advised your delivery organization of any problems you are having, as applicable?

At the end of your job

  • Have you completed the Evaluation Questionnaire via your YCW online account?
  • Have you completed the End of Work Term Report via your YCW online account?
  • Have you shared your success story with your delivery organization?

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