Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces Workshop 2014

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Location: Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) are pleased to announce a CCI Advanced Professional Development Workshop entitled Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces 2014 (CAPS 2014), which will be held from to , at CCI in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

CAPS 2014 is part of an ongoing series of GCI workshops that aims to directly engage conservators with the current research into identifying a broader range of cleaning systems and methodologies for acrylic painted surfaces. The objectives of the CAPS Workshop will be to:

  • communicate the results of recent scientific research and new developments in conservation practice
  • stimulate a dialogue between researchers and conservators about the application of new research and technical insights to the conservation of acrylic painted surfaces
  • develop critical thinking skills that will help participants design project-specific cleaning systems in their own labs
  • identify areas where further research is needed

The CAPS 2014 Workshop will include lectures that will present new research, technology and practical advances, much of which has been developed by the course instructors themselves. There will also be a significant amount of hands-on activities designed to apply and test the different approaches. Participants will be provided with commercially available and custom-prepared cleaning materials for testing on paint films. Group discussions will be used to evaluate materials, techniques, applicability and effectiveness.


Space for this workshop will be limited to 18 mid-career conservators with at least three to five years of experience working with two– and three–dimensional acrylic painted surfaces. Priority will be given to applicants currently working with these materials who can demonstrate a commitment to sharing the knowledge and skills gained during the course with their colleagues and the wider conservation community. The workshop will be provided in English; however, the lecture materials will be shared in both English and French.


The deadline to submit an application for the CAPS 2014 Workshop (PDF document) is . The application form must be completed and saved in one online session. CCI and GCI will make the final selection of applicants according to the eligibility criteria outlined above.


The cost of the workshop is $500 USD, payable to the J. Paul Getty Trust within 30 days of acceptance. This fee includes refreshments during breaks and three lunches. Participants are responsible for all travel and other expenses associated with their participation in the CAPS 2014 Workshop.

For additional information, or questions about the CAPS 2014 Workshop or application process, please send your inquiries to

Instructors for the CAPS 2014 Workshop

Tom Learner, Head of Science, GCI.

Bronwyn Ormsby, Senior Conservation Scientist, Tate. Bronwyn is the Head of the Tate AXA Art Modern Paints Project (PDF document).

Chris Stavroudis, conservator in private practice, Los Angeles.

Alan Phenix, - Scientist, GCI. Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative.

Host and Venue

CCI is a Special Operating Agency of the Department of Canadian Heritage. The Institute was created in to promote the proper care and preservation of Canada's cultural heritage and to advance the practice, science and technology of conservation. It is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Through conservation science, treatment and preventive conservation, CCI supports heritage institutions and professionals in conserving Canada's heritage collections so they can be accessed by current and future generations. This mission is accomplished through conservation research and development, expert services and knowledge dissemination through CCI's publications, library and professional development opportunities.

Additional Information

If you have questions about the CAPS 2014 Workshop or application process, or require additional information, please send inquiries to

The CAPS 2014 Workshop is part of GCI's Research into Practice Initiative and builds upon an earlier colloquium and series of workshops. Visit Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces to learn more about this project.

Invitation to Evening Lecture: Recent Research into the Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces

Dr. Bronwyn Ormsby, Tate London
Canadian Conservation Institute, 1030 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario

This evening lecture is open to conservators, conservation students and other museum professionals with an interest in acrylic painted surfaces. Bronwyn Ormsby is Senior Conservation Scientist at Tate, London, and her presentation will provide a summary of the research and latest developments in the cleaning of acrylic (and other modern) painted surfaces being undertaken by Tate, the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), Dow Chemical Company, and others. Dr Ormsby will be in Ottawa conducting a CCI Advanced Professional Development Workshop with the GCI on Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces (or CAPS) with Tom Learner (GCI), Alan Phenix (GCI), and Chris Stavroudis (independent conservator in LA), all of whom will also be present at the lecture to answer questions. This CAPS workshop is the latest in a series of similar workshops coordinated by the GCI that aims to engage conservators in the current research in identifying a broader range of cleaning systems and methodologies for acrylic painted surfaces. The lecture will be in English and will last approximately one hour, followed by questions.

To assist with planning, an email RSVP with your full name and institution (where applicable) would be appreciated.

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