Video – Time-lapse Photography of Silver Tarnishing From Exposure to Eggs


  • Transcript of the video "Time-lapse Photography of Silver Tarnishing From Exposure to Eggs"

    Length of video: 00:00:56

    No narration during this video.

    The Canadian Heritage signature appears, followed by the Canadian Conservation Institute signature.

    At the beginning of the video, a boiled egg, cut in two, sits at the top of the frame and another is at the bottom. In the middle of the frame there is a silver-plated spoon above a sterling silver knife. The spoon and knife are turned over so the engravings are visible on the back. The time lapse video shows the two utensils over a 90-minute period with photographs taken at 1-minute intervals.

    First, the utensils turn from silver to a shade of amber. The colour is lighter on the silver-plated spoon than the sterling silver knife. Next, the knife turns brown while the spoon darkens to a deeper amber colour. Then blue discolouration appears on the knife and spots on the spoon turn brown. As the blue discolouration spreads on the knife, the spoon turns a darker brown. Finally, purple areas appear beside the blue on the knife and the spoon turns a reddish brown.

    Canada wordmark appears.

    This video was created by the Canadian Conservation Institute and is part of the Understanding how silver objects tarnish learning resource.

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