COVID-19 update for correctional employees: October 8, 2021

​On October 3, I celebrated my 38th anniversary of working at CSC. What has made, and continues to make, this career so fulfilling is all the amazing people I have met and worked with. I am always inspired by the exceptional talent in this organization, and by the caring, dedicated people who are passionate about, and committed to, what they do.

Thank you for making a positive difference in people's lives.

COVID-19 vaccination guidelines for federal employees

On October 6, the Treasury Board of Canada introduced mandatory vaccination guidelines for federal employees. Under a new policy, all employees in the Core Public Administration must be vaccinated:

As an employee of the CSC, you must be fully vaccinated and attest to that fact. The requirement to be vaccinated applies whether you are working on-site at a federal government facility or working remotely.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, federal public servants will need to confirm their vaccination status in the:

Everyone in the Core Public Administration will need to have completed their attestation by October 29, 2021.

For the purpose of the Policy on Vaccination, the requirement also applies to:

Contractors who require access to federal government worksites must also be vaccinated. More detailed information will be available soon for individuals not captured in the system.

Please note that there is a high volume of public servants accessing the system, it can be slower. If you are having trouble, try again later. You must use Chrome as your Internet browser. I am very pleased that so many people were keen to submit their vaccination status so promptly.

Even if vaccinated, we must also continue to follow our infection prevent and control measures. By doing all of these things, we are helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Survivor flag unveiled

An orange flag on white background depicting family, children, seeds below groundtree of peace, cedar branchcosmic symbolism, the Métis Sash, eagle feather, and the Inuksuit

A new Survivors' Flag was unveiled to mark the first official National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. This commemorative flag honours all:

It was developed in consultation with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis survivors from across Canada who carefully selected each element depicted on the flag. It is a symbol of remembrance for all Canadians of the Survivors of Residential School.

Learn more about:

Healthy Workplace Month

Every October, Healthy Workplace Month promotes the importance of having a healthy:

A big part of that is having a workplace free of:

The Canada School of Public Service is piloting, My Healthy Workplace, an interactive digital tool to help public servants take action in the prevention and response to harassment and violence in the workplace. I completed the training, it only takes a few minutes, and encourage you to do the same.

The My Healthy Workplace pilot will be available until December 7, 2021.

CSC is committed to providing a workplace free of:

There are important supports and resources available when you believe you are a victim of, or witness, workplace harassment and violence.

Learn what to do and how to report incidents.

For opportunities to learn about mental health and diversity in the workplace visit:

Women's History Month

As October is Women's History Month, I wanted to highlight the first woman to work in corrections in Canada. In October 1835, Ann Elmhirst became Matron in charge of the Female Department at the new Provincial Penitentiary of Upper Canada (Kingston Penitentiary). The female inmates also arrived that October. Today, I am proud that half of our workforce is made up of women, with a total of 8,850 women working at CSC in a broad range of positions.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. This year's theme, Life Happens Online, is particularly relevant as so much of our lives moved to a virtual space in 2021. We keep in touch with friends and family virtually, shop and bank online, and many of us work remotely. Protecting:

from cyber breaches is particularly important. Stay tuned throughout the month for interesting This Week @CSC articles on digital security.

National Employee Assistance Program Day

October 13 is National Employee Assistance Program Day, which highlights the valuable services of:

provided by the large network of trained and dedicated CSC staff who selflessly volunteer their time.

EAP referral agents assist employees to identify their personal or work-related problems and refer them to appropriate resources.

CISM peers offer education about normalizing stress reactions following a critical event, and also focus on:

for people who have been affected by critical incidents.

I want to thank the 900+ volunteers for their tremendous contributions to CSC, particularly the assistance they have provided to employees over the last 19 months despite the many challenges posed by the pandemic. This amazing group are great examples of this year's theme and the new EAP slogan:

If you have questions about the program or want more informatio, you can contact any of the:

As we approach Thanksgiving weekend, this occasion, more than others, inspires gratitude. It is a time to express your gratitude to those around you, both at work and in your personal lives. I would like to personally thank you for everything you do for CSC.

The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) is one important way to consider how we can show thanks to those in our community who need our support. It is important to take time to reflect and show gratitude for the positive things and people in our lives.

I wish you all a very healthy, happy Thanksgiving weekend.


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