COVID-19 update for correctional employees: December 23, 2021

This content is a message to Correctional Service Canada (CSC) staff from CSC's Commissioner.

Many thanks to all of you, and let’s keep pushing through!

I mentioned it in my recent holiday message, however I would like to thank you once again for all of your work. I recognize and greatly appreciate your many efforts during this challenging time.

The pandemic is evolving at a fast pace, and I know how exhausting it is, especially as we head into the holiday season. However, this is not the time to let our guard down. It is crucial that we continue to follow the infection prevention and control measures to limit, as much as possible, the spread of COVID-19 and its variant, Omicron.

Wearing a properly fitted mask especially when around others, washing our hands often and practising physical distancing remain effective measures that we must continue with diligence, both in our personal and professional lives.

I ask that you avoid gatherings at all times in our workplaces, whether it be for meetings or breaks. Although the majority of us are vaccinated, the Omicron variant is known to be particularly transmissible. Do not delay getting your booster when it is offered to you.

As you know, testing is an integral part of the measures in place to ensure an effective response to COVID-19. If you need to get a PCR test, and you work in an institution or a Community Correctional Centre, know that you will be prioritized by public health. You just need to specify that you are an essential worker.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing work and for diligently applying our measures. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and contributes, now more than ever, to the safety of our communities.

To those of you who will have the opportunity to take some time off during the holiday season, take this time to rest and recharge. And, to those who will be working to maintain our operations in the coming days, thank you very much for your ongoing commitment and dedication.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season.


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