COVID-19 update for offenders and their families: May 20, 2022

This content is a message to federal offenders and their families from Correctional Service Canada's (CSC's) Commissioner.

In terms of a COVID-19 update, we continue to have active cases in our institutions. In this last wave, we saw the highest number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic and continue to manage through a number of outbreaks. The good news is that despite this, we have the lowest number of cases with severe outcomes. Thank you to those who got vaccinated. We are now past the peak of this wave and things are improving. I know it has been challenging but with summer months ahead and more people outdoors, it should help reduce transmission in our communities.

This past Monday, May 16, was Vesak, the holiest of Buddhist holidays and celebrated by millions of Buddhists around the world. Vesak is a celebration of the Buddha’s birth in 623 BC, his enlightenment, and his passing at age 80. His teachings and message of:

is an important one today, not only for Buddhists, but for all people. To those who celebrated Vesak, I wish you and your families:

May 20 is World Bee Day, which celebrates the pollinators that are integral to our ecosystem. CORCAN operates three beekeeping programs at:

Staff and the 38 program participants are getting ready for the coming bee season, tending to the beehives, cleaning equipment, building new bee boxes, and welcoming new honeybees. Kudos to the 21 offenders working in the program at Joyceville and Collins Bay institutions, and the 17 offenders who participate in the program at Stony Mountain Institution and the staff and volunteers. 

For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end. — Michelle Obama

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