Commissioner's update for offenders and their families: June 9, 2023

This content is a message to federal offenders and their families from Correctional Service Canada's (CSC's) Commissioner.

You are likely aware of the number of forest fires burning across the country. Our thoughts are with those affected by the fires. Some have lost their homes, businesses or had to evacuate. Luckily none of our institutions have had to evacuate but we continue to monitor the situation closely.

As a result of the fires, many communities and cities are experiencing high levels of air pollution from the smoke, even hundreds of miles from the fires. I know this is concerning to many of you who may have families and friends in affected areas.

Please follow the local guidance related to outdoors activities until the air quality is better. It is also recommended to wear a mask if you have respiratory health issues or spend prolonged time outdoors in an area with smog or smoke. If you have concerns, please speak to Health Services.

I want to remind you that it is always a good time to connect with family and friends. In fact, it is crucial to maintain links with the outside while you are with us at CSC. You can call, write or have visits.

Did you know that you can access free letter-writing kits to connect and keep in touch with loved ones? These kits are offered by the Canadian Families and Corrections Network in collaboration with CSC. If you are interested, you can ask your social programs officer or your case management team for a kit.

Your family can also request child-friendly kits by contacting Canadian Families and Corrections Network. They have many other resources available for families, including support groups and great ideas for child-parent bonding. You can encourage your family to visit their website or call them toll-free. 

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. —  C.S Lewis

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