Commissioner's update for offenders and their families: July 21, 2023

This content is a message to federal offenders and their families from Correctional Service Canada's (CSC's) Commissioner.

July 18 marks Nelson Mandela International Day, which celebrates the late Nelson Mandela’s positive impact on the world. At CSC, we recognize the outstanding contributions that Nelson Mandela made in his fight for more humane and effective correctional policies. We honour his memory and uphold his values on protecting rights and advancing equality and fairness in the Canadian correctional system.

World Hepatitis Day is on July 28. It aims to raise public awareness of hepatitis-related diseases, which causes inflammation of the liver. Together with Canada’s public health community, CSC continues its efforts to detect, manage, prevent, and treat patients with hepatitis C.

Our treatment and prevention efforts have significantly reduced the prevalence of hepatitis C in our institutions. In addition, a suite of harm reduction services is offered in the facility to support these efforts.

The Dorchester Penitentiary Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) group is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Over the past years, many lives have been positively impacted by A.A. meetings at Dorchester. This group continues to be of great importance in the history of A.A. in the country.

The A.A, initiative, created in 1948, proved to be popular, effective, and ultimately a great success. For those of you involved, I want to congratulate you for participating in A.A. groups. You should be proud of your accomplishments.

Recent events remind us of the importance of productively resolving conflict by remaining calm and using your voice to de-escalate conflicts. When we talk things through with others, it is always the best approach rather than resorting to violence. 

It is not where you start but how high you aim that matters for success.   —Nelson Mandela

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