Anti-Racism, diversity, equity and inclusion progress report card 2021 to 2023

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) has been working hard to advance anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within the Service and fostering a more inclusive workplace and culture for all. For example, in 2021, we created an entirely new directorate within CSC dedicated to advancing this important work. While we have taken concrete actions towards real, systemic change, there is more work to be done. Our overall efforts are ongoing but you can read highlights of our progress below:

For employees

  • Launched the Comprehensive Plan on Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for 2022-25 to remove barriers and ensure equal opportunities for employees (Completed)
  • Launched sponsorship program for underrepresented groups who aspire to leadership and management positions (Completed)
  • Reviewed Correctional Officer assessment and recruitment tools in order to provide anti-racism and cultural sensitivity training to all recruitment and staffing employees (Completed)
  • Launched a Black Employee Network to provide a safe space for discussing and preventing racism and discrimination (Completed)
  • Launched an Ombuds Office for Workplace Well-Being (Completed)
  • Established four year hiring objectives for women and persons with disabilities, and set location-based representation objectives for Indigenous peoples and racialized persons. (Ongoing)
  • Launched the 2022-2025 Accessibility Plan to create an inclusive and accessible workplace where staff but also offenders, victims and members of the public can contribute while feeling safe and respected (Ongoing)
  • Implemented the Tiger Team action plan for Indigenous recruitment and retention towards increasing the number of Indigenous staff and implementing retention strategies to support a greater Indigenous workforce presence at all levels of the organization (Ongoing)


Anti-Racism, diversity, equity and inclusion progress report card 2021 to 2023

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