Remarks for the Deputy Prime Minister regarding the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


Ottawa, ON - June 14, 2023

Today I learned of the resignation from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) by a Canadian citizen, who voiced serious concerns regarding the Bank.

The Government of Canada will immediately halt all government-led activity at the Bank, and I have instructed the Department of Finance to lead an immediate review of the allegations raised and of Canada’s involvement in the AIIB.

The Government of Canada will also discuss this matter with our allies and partners who are members of the Bank.

China, as the world’s second largest economy, must necessarily play a role in addressing common global challenges.

However, as the world’s democracies work to de-risk our economies by limiting our strategic vulnerabilities to authoritarian regimes, we must likewise be clear about the means through which these regimes exercise their influence around the world.

The review I am announcing today is to be undertaken expeditiously, and I am not ruling out any outcome following its completion.

Thank you very much.

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