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Use the form below to submit your question related to resuming work at National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

This form is only for the use of members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families, and employees of the Department of National Defence.


Prior to submitting, please contact your manager or chain of command first to address your concerns. They will be in the best position to respond accurately, knowing what specific policies apply to your situation, and considering local/regional realities as well as operational requirements.

You may also find an answer on the Resuming work web page. If you are still unable to address your question, please send it our way.

We will collect questions and publish answers regularly to address common issues raised across the Defence Team. Please note that we cannot address individual circumstances due to privacy concerns.

Questions about Chief Military Personnel (CMP) programs, policies, services policies that apply to military personnel should be addressed to the CMP Administrative Response Centre (ARC). The ARC is a centre of expertise that can help answer personnel policy questions, including:

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Questions submitted should not be specific to individual situations. For questions specific to your unique situation, CAF members are advised to consult their Chain of Command and DND employees are advised to speak with their managers or contact HR Connect (only accessible via the DWAN) or call 1-833-747-6363 (for DND employees only).

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