Helpful Links & Resources

For the most up-to-date information about working in a COVID-19 environment and Business Resumption, the following products should be consulted and reviewed on a regular basis.

Defence Team


Mental and Physical Health Resources


Questions and Answers




Human Resources

Additional Resources (TBS)

Designs and recommendations for use of temporary signs and floor markings by real property and facilities OPIs.

COVID communication product style guide for a common look and feel, adapted from the design developed by HC/PHAC (for example, colour palette, typography, etc.), supported by a series of templates

Protocol outlining roles of HC, PSPC, SSC and TBS.

Managing Change 

Key contacts

It is your responsibility to develop/renew each unit level/L2 business resumption plan. During this process, the below contacts may be helpful to consult:

Area Contact
Information Technology 613-992-4000
Information Management/Defence 0365 Getting Help page (accessible once logged in)
Occupational Health and Safety
GBA+ team in Corporate Secretariat To assist supervisors in conducting a Gender Based Analysis Plus assessment of their back to work plans (Intranet)
General Human Resources Labour Relations (leave, labour relations, compensation etc.) Toll Free: HR Connect RH 1-833-RHR-MDND (1-833-747-6363) between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Or via HR Connect RH (link accessible only on the National Defence network or download the HR Go RH App

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