DAOD 5039-6, Delivery of Training and Education in Both Official Languages

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2009-08-21

Application: This DAOD is an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members).

Supersession: CFAO 9-53, Language of Instruction

Approval Authority: Chief of Military Personnel (CMP)

Enquiries: Director Official Languages (DOL)

2. Abbreviations

Abbreviation Complete Word or Phrase
CDA Canadian Defence Academy
CMP Chief of Military Personnel
CO commanding officer
CT collective training
DGMC Director General Military Careers
DOL Director Official Languages
FOL first official language
GPT general purpose training
IT&E individual training and education
OL official language
OLA Official Languages Act
SOL second official language
TA training authority

3. Definitions

first official language (première langue officielle)

FOL means the OL with which a CAF member has a primary personal identification, that is, the OL in which the CAF member is generally more proficient.

individual training and education (instruction individuelle et éducation)

IT&E has the same meaning as in A-P9-050-000/PT-Z01, Manual of Individual Training and Education, Volume 1(1), Supplement – CFITES Glossary.

official language (langue officielle)

OL means either the English or French language.

second official language (seconde langue officielle)

SOL means the OL in which a CAF member is generally less proficient.

4. Overview


4.1 This DAOD outlines the policy and procedures governing the OL in which training and education shall be offered and delivered to CAF members.

4.2 As the CAF is subject to the OLA, CAF members shall receive IT&E in the OL of their choice to promote equal career opportunity and optimize course success rates.


4.3 Training and education is designed to promote the development of the knowledge, expertise, confidence, judgment and sense of accomplishment of CAF members by encouraging active participation and shared responsibility for learning. As such, training and education is an integral part of the career of every CAF member and a requirement for advancement.

4.4 The extent to which a CAF member understands the content of training and education provided has a direct impact on their safety and job performance which, in turn, contributes to determining their suitability for employment and advancement.

4.5 It is important to note that, with the training and education provided, CAF members may move frequently between units and geographic areas. Accordingly, in the circumstances as set out in this DAOD, the CAF is committed to ensuring that CAF members receive IT&E in the OL of their choice.

Training Authorities

4.6 TAs are the:

  1. Chief of the Maritime Staff;
  2. Chief of the Land Staff;
  3. Chief of the Air Staff; and
  4. Commander CDA.

4.7 The three environmental TAs manage training and education in their applicable environmental areas. The Commander CDA manages all pan-CF IT&E.

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5. Individual Training and Education in Both Official Languages

IT&E in Both OLs

5.1 CAF members may take IT&E in the OL of their choice, regardless of their FOL recorded in the Human Resources Management System. Accordingly, prior to attending IT&E activities, CAF members shall identify the OL of their choice to TA, CDA or DGMC staff as applicable.

5.2 The following shall not be considered as valid reasons to delay or impede the right of CAF members to receive IT&E in the OL of their choice:

  1. limited resources;
  2. administrative inconvenience;
  3. limited in- or out-service capacity; or
  4. geographic location.

Availability of Instructional Material, Examinations and Tools

5.3 The COs of IT&E establishments shall ensure that instructional materials, examinations and tools (including electronic systems) developed and acquired by the CAF, or produced on their behalf by a third party, are offered to CAF members in both OLs. COs shall ensure that the instructional content of all materials and tools is comparable in both OLs and of equivalent quality.

Alternative Training Arrangements

5.4 Recognizing the challenges of providing IT&E in both OLs, the COs of IT&E establishments shall seek outsourcing or a combination of in- and out-training sources to ensure the delivery of IT&E to CAF members in both OLs.

Linguistic Assistance

5.5 COs of IT&E establishments shall put in place measures that provide linguistic assistance to CAF members in both OLs. These measures may include, but are not limited to, access to qualified instructional or tutorial staff, reference materials, glossaries, examinations and simultaneous interpretation, as well as written and oral work, in the OL of choice of a CAF member.

International Requirements

5.6 CAF members receive IT&E in the OL of their choice; however, the exit examination of IT&E for certain military occupations may be administered in English only to satisfy international requirements. The applicable TA and the DOL shall jointly confirm any such requirements.

5.7 For example, all CAF pilots need to meet the English language proficiency requirements established by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

5.8 In any such case, to facilitate preparation for the examination, the CAF is committed to ensuring that the CAF member:

  1. meets the minimum level of language proficiency in English as specified in the qualification standard or examination pre-requirements, or both; and
  2. receives linguistic assistance when required.


5.9 In compliance with the OLA, no waivers to the policy or instructions set out in this DAOD shall be granted.

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6. Training and Education in the Language of Work

Collective Training

6.1 CT differs from IT&E in that it:

  1. is designed to prepare teams, units and other elements to perform military tasks in accordance with defined standards; and
  2. includes procedural drills and the practical application of doctrines, plans and procedures to acquire and maintain tactical, operational and strategic capabilities.

6.2 CT and pre-deployment training are conducted in the OL of work of the unit.

General Purpose Training

6.3 GPT enables CAF members to meet goals mandated by the Government of Canada, the DND, the CAF or a Level 1 Advisor, that are not based on a general, environmental, military occupational or specialty specification.

6.4 GPT is usually conducted in the OL of work of the unit. However, efforts shall be made, to the fullest extent possible, to provide GPT to CAF members in the OL of their choice.

Other Courses

6.5 Professional development courses outside of the IT&E framework that do not lead to a CAF qualification shall be offered in the OL of work of the unit.

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7. Responsibilities

Responsibility Table

7.1 The following table identifies the responsibilities associated with this DAOD:

The ... is or are responsible for ...


  • providing leadership and developing implementation plans for the development, delivery and maintenance of IT&E in both OLs;
  • submitting the implementation plans and reporting to the DOL regularly on their progress;
  • specifying and publishing minimum SOL proficiency requirement for CAF members taking IT&E or other training or education; and
  • ensuring that CAF members are advised of their right to choose the OL in which they prefer to take IT&E and are notified in advance of the minimum SOL proficiency requirement if any international requirements apply.


  • advising CAF members of their rights and responsibilities when identifying the OL of their choice for IT&E opportunities.


  • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of this DAOD in IT&E establishments; and
  • identifying performance measurement systems and tools necessary for the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the progress made towards achieving the goals of this DAOD.

COs of training and educational establishments

  • ensuring that instructors have the appropriate linguistic competence to conduct IT&E and other training and educational activities;
  • identifying IT&E and other training and educational activities which require linguistic assistance, finding adequate methods to expediently offer it to CAF members, and ensuring that it is provided; and
  • ensuring that linguistic assistance is provided to CAF members preparing for international standard examinations.

CAF members

  • identifying the OL of their choice for IT&E and other training and educational activities, prior to attending.

8. References

Acts, Regultions, Central Agency Policies and Policy DAOD

Other References

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