DAOD 5045-0, Canadian Forces Personnel Support Programs

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2014-01-14

Application: This DAOD is a directive that applies to employees of the Department of National Defence (DND employees) and an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members).


  • CFAO 27-1, Messes
  • CFAO 27-6, Base and Station Funds – Regular Force
  • CFAO 27-7, Unit Funds – Reserve Force
  • CFAO 27-8, Branch, Regimental, and Group Funds
  • CFAO 27-9, Disposal of Non-Public Property
  • CFAO 27-10, Artifacts and Memorabilia – Non-Public Property
  • CFAO 27-12, Provision, Serving and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
  • CFAO 36-35, Spirit Issue
  • CFAO 50-2, Recreation
  • CFAO 50-3, Sports
  • CFAO 50-7, Sport Parachuting
  • CFAO 50-14, Gliding and Soaring
  • CFAO 50-17, Canadian Forces Sports Award Program
  • CFAO 50-20, Recreation Clubs
  • CFAO 50-21, Married Quarters Community Councils
  • CFAO 210-20, Grants for Provision and Maintenance of Physical Fitness Equipment
  • Interim Aquatics and Water Safety Policy
  • Interim CF Recreation SCUBA Club Policy
  • Interim Rest and Recreation Policy
  • CANFORGEN 150/09, CFAO 27-1 Amendment
  • CANFORGEN 061/09, Changes to the CF Sports Program
  • CANFORGEN 001/08, Access to Recreation Programs for Spouses and Children of Deceased CF Personnel
  • CANFORGEN 169/07, Participation in CF Sports Program
  • CANFORGEN 047/03, Interim CF Aquatics and Water Safety Policy
  • CANFORGEN 039/91, CFAO 27-1 Amendment

Approval Authority: Chief of Military Personnel (CMP)

Enquiries: Director General Morale and Welfare Services (DGMWS) / Senior Vice-President Personnel Support Programs (Sr VP PSP) – Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

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2. Policy Direction


2.1 The DND and the CAF recognize that ensuring access to an appropriate range of personnel support programs:

  1. enhances the well-being of CAF members, former members and their families; and
  2. contributes to operational effectiveness and readiness.

2.2 Personnel support programs are funded by public and non-public property resources for the benefit of CAF members, former members and their families. Authority and general guidance for public and non-public property support are set out in:

  1. sections 38 to 41 of the National Defence Act;
  2. QR&O article 4.61, Recreation Programs;
  3. DAOD 9003-1, Non-Public Property Governance Framework, Chief of Military Personnel and the Non-Public Property Board; and
  4. A-PS-110-001/AG-002, Morale and Welfare Programs in the Canadian Forces.

Policy Statement

2.3 The DND and the CAF are committed to ensuring that CAF members, wherever they serve, former members and their families have access to personnel support programs and facilities.


2.4 The DND and the CAF must:

  1. manage personnel support programs in accordance with:
    1. A-PS-110-001/AG-002; and
    2. the Personnel Support Programs Policy Manual;
  2. conduct periodic reviews of personnel support policies to:
    1. assess continuing relevance; and
    2. contemplate future requirements; and
  3. validate compliance with functional direction.

2.5 The Sr VP PSP must notify the CMP of any non-compliance with this DAOD.

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3. Consequences

Consequences of Non-Compliance

3.1 Non-compliance with this DAOD may have consequences for both the DND and the CAF as institutions, and for DND employees and CAF members as individuals. Suspected non-compliance will be investigated. The nature and severity of the consequences resulting from actual non-compliance will be commensurate with the circumstances of the non-compliance.

Note – In respect of the compliance of DND employees, see the Treasury Board Framework for the Management of Compliance for additional information.

4. Authority

General Authority

4.1 The CMP has the authority to:

  1. approve personnel support policies and programs; and
  2. take appropriate action in respect of non-compliance with this DAOD.

5. References

Acts, Regulations, Central Agency Policies and Policy DAOD

Other References

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