DAOD 5059-0, Performance Appraisal of Canadian Forces Members

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Policy Direction
  3. Authorities
  4. References

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2005-03-24

Date of Modification: 2007-09-07

Application: This DAOD is an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members).

Supersession: CFAO 26-6, Personnel Evaluation Reports

Approval Authority: Chief of Military Personnel (CMP)

Enquiries: Director Military Careers Policy and Grievances (DMCPG)

2. Policy Direction

Policy Statement

2.1 The CAF is committed to performance appraisals, using established instruments and procedures, to periodically evaluate CAF members in respect of:

  1. performance and the meeting of performance expectations;
  2. potential; and
  3. professional development.


2.2 The following table outlines the requirements for the performance appraisal of CAF members:

If the CAF member is in the … the CAF member is assessed …

Regular Force,

  • under the Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) system.

Primary Reserve,

  • under the Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) system, with any additional instructions issued by the applicable environmental commander or equivalent.

Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service,

  • under the Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) system if the CF member is on Class “B” Reserve Service at National Defence Headquarters or at a Regional Cadet Support Unit; or

  • under the Cadet Administrative and Training Orders in any other case.

Canadian Rangers,

  • under the Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) system if the CF members is on Class “B” Reserve Service; or

  • as directed by the applicable area commander or equivalent in any other case.

Supplementary Reserve,

  • in accordance with the requirements applicable to the component or sub-component to which the CF member is attached.


2.3 The appraisal of a CAF member:

  1. shall be based on the CAF member's substantive rank; and
  2. shall include performance in any higher rank that the CAF member held during the reporting period.

2.4 Regular and Reserve Force members shall not be rated against one another.

Reporting Period

2.5 The annual reporting period is 01 April to 31 March.

3. Authorities

Authority Table

3.1 The following table identifies the authorities associated with the implementation of this DAOD:

The … has or have the authority to …


  • develop the appraisal policy.

Director General Military Careers

  • implement the appraisal policy;

  • develop, publish and oversee procedures to implement the appraisal policy; and

  • administer the PaCE application.

Director Research Personnel Generation

  • develop CAF appraisal instruments;

  • validate CAF appraisal instruments to ensure they meet the requirements of Canadian legislation; and

  • develop mechanisms to validate the current appraisal instruments.

environmental commanders or equivalent

  • develop and publish additional appraisal instructions as required.

4. References

Acts, Regulations, Central AgencyPolicies and Policy DAOD

Other References

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