Clarification bulletin – CAFRD 3.3.02 Rental Vehicle

Dated 29 November 2021


The current wording of CAFRD 3.3.02 (Rental Vehicle) does not consider circumstances when the third party service provider is unable to provide a rental vehicle at the required size as determined by family size.


In accordance with CAFRD 2.1.01 (Authority – DCBA), the following clarification is provided for CAFRD 3.3.02 (Rental Vehicle):

In all the situations specified above, the member is to provide a written statement from the third party service provider that the appropriately sized vehicle was not available, provide a statement detailing what efforts were taken to secure a vehicle of the appropriate size, and why actual and reasonable local commercial transportation costs, supported by receipts, in lieu of a rental vehicle was not utilized.

In accordance with CAFRD 2.1.01 (Authority – DCBA), this clarification bulletin is policy direction that conveys the intent of the specific CAFRD provision as confirmed by the Treasury Board Secretariat. A clarification amendment to CAFRD 3.3.02 will follow in due course.

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